Sunday, September 6, 2020

Travel Rules

Pathway - Eric J Fitch

Parties can travel two hexes per day, modified by the options below. Some options also change the results of the Exploration table.

Forage DC starts at 15 each morning. If you didn't roll it yesterday, or it feels right, roll once on Weather (see below).

+1 if you Rush, +5 Forage DC, changing 6. Feature into Hazard/Resource Drain and losing Surprise
+1 if you Soldier On, incurring Resource Drain
-1 if you Scout, -5 Forage DC, changing 5. Hazard into Hazard+Feature and gaining Surprise
-1 if you Hunt, -10 Forage DC

Modifiers (max of +1 per hex, additional bonus removes exploration die):
+1 if everyone is mounted
+1 if there is a Road
+1 if the terrain is Very Familiar
-1 in Terrible Conditions (mountainous, stormy, swampy)
-1 if anyone is Encumbered, Crippled or Lame and not mounted