Sunday, July 24, 2022

Nameless Legends of GLOG

This is a work in progress. Any part of a class marked with a ? is currently undecided. Any text after // is a comment, left for your consideration. Many classes are missing the higher level abilities. Several classes are missing quite a lot of necessary parts, and will be finished as needed.

The Fire Thief - Anato Finnstark

Recommended Rules

These are the rules I use. They work pretty well, but are tuned to my specific table. Hence, they are not The Rules, just recommended.
  • Spwack's Baseline GLOG Ruleset, using "Tragic" Death and Dismemberment
  • Shuffle the class list, and take a few off the top. Players then choose their class from this smaller selection
  • Players should not go through the entire list to choose a class, but if they have a specific concept in mind, they can search for the one that fits best
  • All players should roll their stats before choosing classes. Martial Classes suffer from having poor stats, which balances out Caster Classes suffering from Mishaps and Dooms
  • If needed, swap two stats
  • Characters start with three random items and three rations. If they are mostly dungeoncrawling, start with three torches. If they are mostly hexcrawling, start with a full waterskin

Level Up

  • Level 2: Survive an interesting session
  • Level 3: Complete a dungeon, quest, or journey
  • Level 4: Complete a Dungeon, a Quest, and a Journey


  • All multiclassing must make sense and have some kind of narrative backing, rather than a custom "build"
  • Does not provide the starting gear of that class, nor any of the spells
  • Any reference to "level" in a class refers only to levels in that particular class
  • If you have all 4 levels and want to swap one out, you can do so when you would normally level up
  • Due to the stronger than normal abilities of each class, multiclassing can create some unusually powerful characters. This is somewhat balanced by the very strong D templates, but should be kept in mind


  • GLOG Magic Dice Primer
  • MD are not expended through normal spellcasting, each spell accrues 1 Chaos Dice that lasts until the next dawn
  • [invest] duration, MD cannot be used until the spell ends, used for permanent effects
  • [X], the [sum] of the spell is fixed no matter how much MD are used (even zero), still roll CD
  • If you roll triples and have multiple classes with Dooms, all apply at the same time
  • If you cast a spell as a cantrip, using 0 MD, you don't gain a CD

Optional Rules

  • Martial classes get +2 to two relevant stats at first level
  • Level up at the end of any session when you have done new, interesting and dangerous things. As you reach higher levels, things that were once interesting and dangerous are probably less so
  • If all of your stats are below 10 or are otherwise terrible, you can choose to reroll all stats (opt: describe how that character died a horrible death). If you keep the bad rolls, you may be eligible for a Unique Secret Reward
  • For a table with N players, take N+1 classes for the smaller set. Whichever class isn't taken becomes the villain of the first adventure
  • Certain very specific classes are a shuffle of another. For instance, the Spy class is an Assassin that gets template C at first level, then ABD
  • Incredibly fancy magic robes grant +1 MD, but give disadvantage on all rolls while in a melee