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Nameless Legends of GLOG

This is a work in progress. Any part of a class marked with a ? is currently undecided. Any text after // is a comment, left for your consideration. Many classes are missing the higher level abilities. Several classes are missing quite a lot of necessary parts, and will be finished as needed.

The Fire Thief - Anato Finnstark

Recommended Rules

These are the rules I use. They work pretty well, but are tuned to my specific table. Hence, they are not The Rules, just recommended.
  • Spwack's Baseline GLOG Ruleset, using "Tragic" Death and Dismemberment
  • Shuffle the class list, and take a few off the top. Players then choose their class from this smaller selection
  • Players should not go through the entire list to choose a class, but if they have a specific concept in mind, they can search for the one that fits best
  • All players should roll their stats before choosing classes. Martial Classes suffer from having poor stats, which balances out Caster Classes suffering from Mishaps and Dooms
  • If needed, swap two stats
  • Characters start with three random items and three rations. If they are mostly dungeoncrawling, start with three torches. If they are mostly hexcrawling, start with a full waterskin

Level Up

  • Level 2: Survive an interesting session
  • Level 3: Complete a dungeon, quest, or journey
  • Level 4: Complete a Dungeon, a Quest, and a Journey


  • All multiclassing must make sense and have some kind of narrative backing, rather than a custom "build"
  • Does not provide the starting gear of that class, nor any of the spells
  • Any reference to "level" in a class refers only to levels in that particular class
  • If you have all 4 levels and want to swap one out, you can do so when you would normally level up
  • Due to the stronger than normal abilities of each class, multiclassing can create some unusually powerful characters. This is somewhat balanced by the very strong D templates, but should be kept in mind


  • GLOG Magic Dice Primer
  • MD are not expended through normal spellcasting, each spell accrues 1 Chaos Dice that lasts until the next dawn
  • [invest] duration, MD cannot be used until the spell ends, used for permanent effects
  • [X], the [sum] of the spell is fixed no matter how much MD are used (even zero), still roll CD
  • If you roll triples and have multiple classes with Dooms, all apply at the same time
  • If you cast a spell as a cantrip, using 0 MD, you don't gain a CD

Optional Rules

  • Martial classes get +2 to two relevant stats at first level
  • Level up at the end of any session when you have done new, interesting and dangerous things. As you reach higher levels, things that were once interesting and dangerous are probably less so
  • If all of your stats are below 10 or are otherwise terrible, you can choose to reroll all stats (opt: describe how that character died a horrible death). If you keep the bad rolls, you may be eligible for a Unique Secret Reward
  • For a table with N players, take N+1 classes for the smaller set. Whichever class isn't taken becomes the villain of the first adventure
  • Certain very specific classes are a shuffle of another. For instance, the Spy class is an Assassin that gets template C at first level, then ABD
  • Incredibly fancy magic robes grant +1 MD, but give disadvantage on all rolls while in a melee

Sort class list by:

Berserker What is best in life?
Gear: remnant of past victory, notched weapon, ?

A Whenever you want, you can go into a Rage, preventing you from retreating or doing anything except killing enemies. While you Rage, double your current HP, going above max. When you leave Rage, halve your current HP
B Unstoppable: While you are enraged, make an attack against everything that damages or impedes you
C Mighty: Take 1d4 damage to increase your STR to 18 this round, if you aren't wearing any armour this is just 1 damage
D Indomitable: Never take more than 3 damage from any hit

Bonus: ?

Warlord I came. I saw. I left, did you see that shit back there?
Gear: sword, banner, trumpet

A Tactics: You have [level] Action Points. You can spend an AP at any time during the round to let an ally take one action or move. All AP recharge once you have a few minutes to plan // Might be a touch on the weak side. If so, [level]x2 AP or [level]+1
B Spot Opportunity: At the start of each round, one ally gets a bonus attack against one enemy. Select either the ally or the enemy, roll the other randomly
C Advanced Tactics: Learn one Advanced Tactic, these cost 2 AP each. You can learn more Advanced Tactics from ancient combat manuals, and by winning major battles with new techniques
D ?

Advanced Tactic
  • 'Twas But A Scratch: Heal all the damage from the most recent attack you or your allies suffered, this can undo injuries
  • Hit It Till It Dies: The next time you make a melee attack against the target, all your allies can make a bonus attack
  • Knights Move: Swap the positions of one ally and one enemy
  • Hold The Line: ?

Bonus: Keep track of every settlement that owes you a major favour, or has explicitly sworn fealty to you. Once, ever, you can call on every single one of them, and they'll all come.

Soldier Come back with your shield, or on it
Gear: spear, shield, light armour

A Recruit: Your first roll in combat automatically succeeds. You can share this with your allies if you are all doing the exact same thing
B Infantry: While fighting in a formation, you or someone else in the formation can make a second attack each round
C Veteran: Advantage on every roll you have failed at least once before. When you lose a fight, you always learn a valuable lesson
D Captain: If you are currently defending an area, you won't die until it is either safe or overrun

Bonus: You are exceptionally good at spinning tall stories of your exploits. They are always received with suitable amounts of awe and free drinks, and sometimes, you even learnt a neat trick in the process (one day, you might end up like a Zouave)

Brawler You shoulda seen the other guy
Gear: fist-wraps, ?, ?

A I Can Do This All Day: Heal [4] after taking damage in combat, any Mishaps last until you clear all CD // This sucks if you are a wizard! Hell yeah! Anti-synergy!
B Flurry of Blows: Make an extra kick or punch against an enemy you haven't attacked this round
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?

Gladiator We who are about to die, salute you
Gear: fancy weapon, flask of liquor, outlandish outfit
Adoring Fans: Some abilities require at least one non-combatant spectator currently cheering you on

A Fancy Moves (fans): So long as you have plenty of room to manoeuvre, you have advantage on all defence rolls
B Cleave: Whenever you kill a foe or critically hit, make another attack
C Crowd Favourite (fans): Your quips and taunts sting like arrows if they aren't answered
D Signature Move: ?

Bonus: When you defeat a notable foe, add "Slayer of _" to your titles. Combine three similar titles to create an epithet and gain an ability relating to that group. If this ability is particularly strong, you will definitely need (fans)

// Your foes will respect the sanctity of a duel
// Instead of taking damage, you can drop your weapon, do a flip, and if you have another weapon, draw it as well

Warden (a.k.a. Guardian, Bodyguard) Ha! They've surrounded us! Now they can't run away!
Gear: hooked warhammer, shield, medium armour

A Choose one ally as your Ward. They can't take damage while you're still mobile and defending them. If you are adjacent and actively preparing to stop the blow, you block the attack perfectly. If you are adjacent but not prepared, make a standard defence roll. If you have to run and leap in front of the attack, you are automatically struck. Either way, you take half damage
B Before someone tries to damage your Ward, make a free attack against them
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?
// Combine this with Shieldbearer?

Steve the Dragon is slain - Eric Elwell

Iron Knight (a.k.a Jugger-knight) Justice on the point of a lance
Gear: full plate armour, horse, lance, no food

A Anointed in Steel: While you are armoured, upright and aware, frontal physical attacks deal minimum damage. If you can get armour for your horse, they receive this bonus as well
B Lance Charge: If you are mounted, using a large weapon, and charge at an enemy, you deal x3 damage.
C The first time you take damage in battle, heal 1d6 HP. If you meet all the other Lance Charge conditions and issue a direct personal challenge, deal x4 damage.
D ?. If you meet all the other Lance Charge conditions, deal x5 damage.

Bonus: Keep track of how many oaths you have fulfilled, and how many ongoing oaths you have been sorely tested to keep. Whenever you swear a new oath, anyone listening can tell how honourable you are. If you ever break a single oath, you can't use this until you atone. All true knights are Oathbound. Oathbreakers will never, ever, find what it is they truly seek.

Green Knight Honour above all
Gear: broadsword, rope, heavy armour

A The first time you'd be killed, you survive. You might be able to recharge this if you complete a noble quest, but it's not guaranteed
B Reliable Blows: If you hit/miss (choose one) your first attack, make a second attack
C Courtly Challenge: If you challenge someone to a fair test of strength, skill or wits, they'll probably accept. If they are magical or unnatural, their refusal or less will result in loss of power
D ?

Gem Knight Diamonds are a girls best friend
Gear: Ten heart-gems, ornate sword, ?

A Break a heart-gem to block incoming damage. If this is from an attack, reflect the damage on your attacker
B The round after breaking a heart-gem, you can make two extra attacks
C You can give a heart-gem to your allies. Each can only carry one heart-gem at a time, allowing them to block one instance of damage as it breaks
D When you break a heart-gem and reflect an attack, you can either triple the damage, or make it an area attack

Bonus: You can find more heart-gems in odd location in dungeons, behind waterfalls, buried beneath treasure chests, inside the mouths of statues. A normal sized dungeon, or one floor of a megadungeon, contains at least one heart-gem and probably more. Cursed heart-gems also appear inside of powerful enemies while you dissect them

Legendary Item: Crown of the Gem-King - Causes any nearby heart-gems or other precious stones to resonate loudly

Sharpshooter So long as there's two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead
Gear: longbow, extra quiver, lucky arrow

A Eagle Eyed: Spend a round aiming to gain advantage and +d6 damage next round. If you use your lucky arrow, you deal another +d12 damage
B Volley: Over the course of the round, you can make an extra attack by expending a third of a quiver
C ?
D Impossible Shot: ?

Bonus: ?

Duelist En Guarde!
Gear: rapier, ?, ?
You need a hand free to use Duelist abilities

A Riposte: Choose an enemy at the start of the round. If they hit you with a melee weapon, they deal no damage. If they miss, make a free attack
B Upper Hand: Every time you hit your chosen opponent, gain a Bonus Attack against them. Lose a Bonus Attack whenever you take damage
C Underhanded: The first time you fail a roll in combat, you can do something slightly dishonourable and succeed instead
D "Inconceivable!": You can make a flurry of 10 attacks in a single round. Afterwards, drop to 0 HP. Can't use this again until you heal to full

Bonus: ?

Hammerlord (a.k.a Pulveriser Supreme) If you've got a big enough hammer, every problem may as well be a nail
Gear: maul, medium armour, spiked boots

A Ground Slam: As an action, everyone directly adjacent to you must save or fall over
B Spine Crush: Deal x2 damage, or x4 against a prone enemy. You can't attack next round
C Blockade Stomp: So long as you are underground, you can take 1d6 damage to raise a wall of stone
D Earthquake: You can hit the ground to send a wave of rock rippling forwards, making an attack within spear-range

Bonus: ?

Executioner (a.k.a Headhunter) A fine addition to my collection
Gear: great-axe, light armour, ?

A Trophy: At the beginning of combat, present the skull or head of a creature, the first time you’d be hit by an attack in this combat by that type of creature, take zero damage
B Mark For Death: If you spend one round examining a target, and one round declaring your intentions, you deal x2 damage and have Adv. against that target until you place another Mark
C Obliterate: If you deal 10+ damage in a single attack to something that has a head, it has to Save or Die. Anything you kill this way is dead for good. If it succeeds the Save, you lop off a limb instead
D As part of a Mark For Death, you can crush the skull of a notable monster/person. Mark For Death then multiplies your damage by the number of notable skulls you are carrying

Shieldbearer Simplicity. Efficiency. Not having your brains splattered on the thirsty ground. All good things about a shield
Gear: Three shields

A Shields are three times as effective in your hands
B Bash: When you break a shield, make a free attack
C No Further: If you have a shield in the way, you cannot be shoved, knocked over, disarmed or moved past
D ?

Sentinel None shall pass! // Or maybe The watcher on the wall depending on your preference
Gear: halberd, medium armour, ?

A As an action, take a defensive posture. Make a free attack against anyone that approaches or moves past you
B Tireless: You can pick [level] things at a time you'll never do, like fall asleep, be surprised, or lower your weapon
C ?
D ?

Dervish I'm all over with blood. Cool
Gear: Three weapons of your choice

All Dervish abilities require you to wield two weapons

A Twin Attack: You can make two attacks per round, against a different target each time
B Spin Attack: If you haven't moved this turn, you can make an attack against every enemy you can reach
C Combo Block: If you hit someone with an attack, they deal half damage to you this round
D ?

Bonus: ?

// The Dervish breaks the pattern of martial classes by having the offensive ability on template A, and and the defensive ability as late as C. As such it is a powerful level 1 dip, but balanced out by the tendency to run directly into multi-melees and not hold shields

Spellsword An elegant weapon, for a more civilised age
Gear: Magic sword, lead-lined scabbard, ?

A You can parry spells as if they were physical attacks
B When you cast a spell or activate a magic item, you can make an extra attack. +1 MD
C ?
D ? +1 MD

Gloomstalker - Timi Honkanen

Weaponmaster I'm not left-handed either!
Gear: Slightly obscure weapon (not a sword), medium armour, ?

A Damage your weapon slightly to perform an improbable trick with it. Often used for blocking attacks
B If you sunder a weapon or disarm your opponent, make an extra attack this round. You can damage the weapon you are wielding at-will to trigger this
C ?
D ?

// Peerless: Always defeat someone who is wielding the same type of weapon as you (unless they are a Master as well)

  1. Trident
  2. Harpoon
  3. Halberd
  4. Glaive
  5. Pike
  6. Poleaxe
  7. Billhook
  8. Guisarme
  9. Fauchard
  10. Bardiche
  11. War scythe
  12. Lucerne hammer
  13. Bohemian earspoon
  14. Voulge
  15. Corseque
  16. Winged spear
  17. Brandistock
  18. Ranseur
  19. Spetum
  20. Sword-staff
  21. Military fork
  22. Guandao
  23. Pudao
  24. Sovnya
  25. Naginata

Martial Artist To fight, to lose, to fight again!
Gear: Two random Stances, ornate headband

A +Stance Slot. You can take a new Stance once per round
B After equipping a Stance, if your opponent is surprised/vulnerable to it, make an extra attack
C +Stance Slot
D Invent and learn a completely new Stance

Bonus: You learn new fighting stances from getting beaten up by a martial artist or other notable enemy, and then spending time training to learn their technique

Fighting Stances
  1. Murder Stance: Make two attacks, your opponent makes one
  2. Dash Stance: You can move adjacent to any enemy you can see to make an attack, and move a space every time you dodge an attack
  3. Stone Stance: If you haven't moved quickly this round, anything that hits you takes d6 damage
  4. Crimson Stance: Your punches and kicks leave burning marks that ignore armour. If you hit twice in a row, they catch on fire
  5. Viridian Stance: Your fingers and teeth are tipped with magic poison. If you hit the same target three times, the poison duration is permanent
  6. Aquamarine Stance: ?
  7. Indigo Stance: ?
  8. Xanthum Stance: ?
  9. Empty Palm Stance: When you enter this stance, choose an enemy. They can't hit you with any attacks
  10. Nightmare Stance: After punching an enemy, you can teleport behind them any time in the next minute
  11. Mirror Stance: Create an illusory duplicate, if it takes damage you are forced to exit this Stance
  12. Blood Stance: Take 1d4 damage to make two unarmed attacks. You can use this ability whenever you want

Opt: Everyone has a Stance slot, but they might not know it

Beast I wonder what your spleen tastes like
Gear: Claws that catch (d6), jaws that bite (d4), hide (as light armour)

A Devour: If you land a bite attack or spend a round eating freshly killed meat, heal d4 HP. Eating strange flesh can grant strange powers
B Frenzy: If you land an attack with your claws, you can make a bite attack. If you get a taste of fresh blood, you can follow the scent anywhere
C Roar: You're a terrifying sight. Anyone you roar at needs to either attack you or run away from you, otherwise you deal x2 damage against them // Get an extra use whenever you eat someone
D Boss Monster: So long as you get enough to eat, you triple in size and gain an extra natural attack of your choice

Colossus The bigger they are, the harder they hit
Gear: ?, ?, ?

A So long as you eat enough, your height doubles each level, your reach extends the same amount
B Make an extra attack each round against anything smaller than you and in kicking distance
C Siege Tower: ?
D ?

Fighter There is only one choice to make - live, or die?
Gear: favourite weapon, medium armour, healing potion

A Favourite Weapon: Your chosen weapon ignores magical resistances and can't be damaged by mundane means. If you lose your Favourite Weapon, you lose all Fighter levels until you get it back
B Extra Attack per round
C Extra Attack per round
D Two Extra Attacks per round

//In your hands, any weapon deals a minimum of 1d8 damage

Automaton 01100010 01100101 01100101 01110000 00100000 01100010 01101111 01101111 01110000
Gear: crowbar, wrench, screwdriver, instead of rations you have cans of fuel

A Inferior Meatbags: You have a CON score of N/A or 20, whoever is more useful. You do not, and indeed cannot, eat, sleep, breath, drink or love. Refuelling heals you to full HP. You do not heal injuries naturally, you must be carefully repaired by an expert (this may not always be possible)
B Overclock: Take d8 damage to take an additional action or make an extra attack
C ?
D ?

Bonus: Your robot body is very customisable. Consider installing armour plating, concealed weaponry, additional limbs, wands, laser eyes, rockets, guns, and whatever else takes your fancy.

Really Good Dog The goodest boy
Gear: collar, teeth (as shortsword), fur (as light armour)

You are a dog. You can't speak, but you can communicate with those you know very well. You have incredible senses of smell and hearing. You have no hands.

A Best Friend: Choose another character as your Best Friend. You both have advantage when you roll against the same threat, at the same time, and are protecting each other
B Takedown: When you bite something human-sized or smaller, it either falls down, or you make an extra attack
C Ineffable Scent: You can sniff a different way to smell weird stuff. This lets you detect Poison, Magic, Undead, and Evil, though you can rarely smell many specifics
D ?

Dog Quest: At a certain point, you will attract the attention of the Dog Barons. They will give you a quest to prove your doggishness. Example quests include killing a Cat Prince (rakshasa) who is hiding in town somewhere, digging into a forgotten barrow and returning with the femur from the wight king who was buried there, or rescuing some asshole prince who fell down a well in orcish territory. (This will probably involve the other PCs chasing after you shouting "Where are you going, boy? Come back!")

The Demons - Ami Thompson

Demon Blade No guilt, no suffering, just put your trust in me and we can do anything we want.
Gear: random blade-art, ?, ?

A Cursed Sword: Anyone that touches you is under your control until they are no longer touching you. If they pass a Save, they can take one action to try get rid of you before the control takes over. You can only control one person at a time. Use their STR, DEX and CON. You can only be harmed by something that would damage a magic sword
B Harvest Soul: The round after a creature dies, you can spend a full round harvesting the soul by digging around in its corpse. The power of the [soul] = slain creature HD. This heals your current wielder 1d6+[soul] HP. You can store three souls at a time, talk to them, and use them to fuel blade-arts
C ?
D  Demon Form: ?

A person who willingly joins with you (instead of just being dominated by you, and without coercion or threats from your allies) becomes your "chariot". When you are wielded by a chariot, you get several advantages:
  • Reduce all fire damage by the level of the strongest angel, paladin, or goodly cleric you've ever killed
  • Take 1d6 damage to your chariot to deal +1d6 damage on a hit

Demonic Blade-arts
  1. Dance of Hell: You function as a dancing weapon for [soul] rounds. You still maintain control of your chariot
  2. Demon Claw: For one round, you can make all the melee attacks of you were the highest level demon you've ever killed
  3. Deathgrip: If a creature within 50ft fails a save, it is pulled to adjacent to you, you can make an attack
  4. Heartripper: If the target within 20ft has [soul]d6 HP or less, it's heart is ripped out into your hand, no save
  5. Summon Jelly Imp: Create a jelly imp
  6. Reap: Deal +[soul]d6 damage after landing an attack
  7. Burning Blade: You catch alight for [soul] minutes
  8. Hellbolts: Fire [soul] bolts at the target, each requires a roll and deals d8 damage on a hit
  9. Inferno: For [soul] rounds, you are immune to fire and everything around you catches alight
  10. Blink: Travel to a point within 30ft, bring along X-1 willing passengers
  11. Salvage the Chariot: Instead of your wielder dying, they survive with X HP and are stunned for 1d6-X rounds

Bonus: You learn a new blade-art whenever you kill a dungeon boss. You should also track the highest level demon, cleric/paladin/angel you've killed

Orderly Thorns - Jianfeng Xing

Paladin (a.k.a. Sword of Heaven) I am the drum on which The Lord is beating out his message.
Gear: sword, holy symbol (slightly heretical), medium armour

A Smite: Add 1d8 damage when you hit a melee attack, or when you shoot a ranged attack. You can also Smite weapons to parry or physical objects to break. Every use of Smite is a Sin. (see below)
B Lay On Hands: Heals 1d6 HP. It is a Sin to use this on yourself, or anything that isn't pure and good. Can also be used to Smite a curse, demonic possession, or unnatural disease without fatally harming the bearer. Smite d10
C Martyr: Anything that kills you also dies, horribly. Smite d12
D Aspect: Gain three angelic modifications to your body and soul. These can be haloes of eyes, angelic wings, a voice of divine authority etc. Using them in an exceptionally powerful way might be a Sin. Smite d20

Sins: Everyone is a Sinner, but you're just held to a higher standard. Every Sin you perform in the mortal realm is a scratch on the armaments of Heaven. Sometimes necessary, sometimes just weakness, but there must be an accounting. Every seven Sins you perform, an Angelic Overseer will visit you to take stock of your progress and failings. If you've only Smote villains and the hungry dead, your Overseer will likely give you a pat on the back and rubber-stamp your approval.

Bonus: If you have thrown yourself into battle against the forces of darkness, aiming only to thwart the enemy and protect the innocent with no thought for your own life, you will have proven yourself worthy of a Noble Steed. Such a creature will always come when you call and will return to Heaven if it dies.

Chosen One I'll defeat you with friendship, and this gun I found!
Gear: bizarre hairstyle, weird sword, light armour

D20 OF DESTINY: All Chosen One abilities require the D20 OF DESTINY. If the D20 OF DESTINY rolls a critical fail for any reason, it is lost forever, and so are all your Chosen One levels

A Fated To Succeed: If you fail a roll, you can reroll with the D20 OF DESTINY, any result other than a critical failure is a success. If you use the D20 OF DESTINY for the initial roll, a failure becomes a success, a normal success becomes critical, and critical becomes superlative
B Destined For Victory: You can add the D20 OF DESTINY to your damage rolls
C Pass The Torch: You can allow your allies to use the D20 OF DESTINY. Only one character can use it at a time
D True Destiny: The D20 OF DESTINY no longer disappears on a critical failure. Instead, a critical fail results in something foul and malignant appearing in the world, or getting exponentially worse. What arises can take many forms, but it's usually related to some of your past adventuring

Bonus: ?

Demigod The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb
Gear: fabulous cloak, strange artefact, divine parentage

A Birthright: Set a stat of your choice to 18
B Implausible: You can take a -10 penalty to a roll to attempt impossible feats. +3 to stat
C ? +3 to stat
D Legendary: You can take a -20 penalty to a roll to attempt feats of mythic proportions. +3 to stat

Bonus: ? // Something relating to the parent, most likely

Greet the Champion - James Daly

Champion After all, a Hero Does Right
Gear: Weapon of choice, chosen mask, colourful outfit

A Fateful Demise: You know exactly how you'll die. You can be mangled, dismembered, scarred, drowned, crushed and tormented, but you won't die. You can always be killed by poison, which bypasses Fate completely
B Idealist: While you're fighting to achieve your Ideal, you make two attacks per round, and have advantage on all saves against anything directly opposing your Ideal
C ?
D ?

Ideal (What is a Hero?)
  1. Someone who is Righteous.
  2. Someone who endures terrible pain and keeps onwards.
  3. Someone who Kills Monsters.
  4. Someone who never wants for anything.
  5. Someone who acts without hesitation.
  6. Someone who can Take, Possess or Give, as to their whim.
  7. Someone bound by Duty.
  8. Someone who kills kings.
  9. Someone who explores the Unknown.

Solar War-Priest Praise the Sun!
Gear: golden sword, golden helmet, ?

A Sun Blessed: With a short ritual, you can make [level] objects made of gold glow like the sun. Lasts until they get any kind of liquid on them. Your eyes are immune to permanent damage from sunlight. Anything trying to attack you with its eyes open will be blinded for at least 1 round
B Radiant Bolt: Expend a Sun Blessing to send a blast of sunlight shooting forward in a beam attack. Deals bonus damage to anything that does not belong in the Sun
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?

Sword Saint
Gear: a sword

You can only carry swords, nothing else. Tools of peace and plenty fall from trembling, insensate fingers, fit only to clutch a hilt.

A Live and Die by the Sword: Blades do not bend or break in your hands unless you will it. You can swallow up to seven swords whole, and draw them from your mouth in an instant. You never miss against archers, the mindless undead, or peasants. You can only be permanently killed by a sword
B Speak with Swords. If you name, befriend and care for a sword, it will make an extra attack per round for you, choosing which target
C Sovereignty: If you call the true (and usually secret) name of a sword, it will fly to your hand
D Absolute Violence: The moment battle begins, you can roll a die of any size. Take that much unblockable damage, if the damage taken is equal or greater than the HD of your foes, you black out and reawaken drenched in their blood

Bonus: ?

Wizard Ordinary (a.k.a. Orthodox Wizard) You wouldn't part an old man from his walking stick, would you?
Gear: Mage Hand, random spell, staff

A Speak with Aura. [level]-in-6 chance that any inanimate thing you speak with can speak back. +1 MD
B Safety Casting: Set an MD to 1, gain an extra CD after this spell. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD // Magic "Anything"
D ? +1 MD

Learn new spells by spending rather a lot of money. Whenever you learn a new spell, you can choose from this larger list
  1. Mage Hand: Conjure [dice] invisible hands for [sum] minutes
  2. Magic Shield: Conjure an invisible barrier [dice] spaces across, it has [sum] HP. If you flip the orientation, it can be used as a Floating Disk
  3. Mage Step: Walk directly upwards or downwards for [sum] rounds. This can also be used to slow a hasty descent
  4. Wizard Vision // Or should this be C
  5. Wizard Ward

  1. Lose all spellcasting for 1 day
  2. Lose all spellcasting for 3 days
  3. Lose all spellcasting forever

Battle Mage (a.k.a. Wizard Belligerent) Pew pew pew!
Gear: Combat spell, combat spell wand, armoured robes (as leather)

A Anything you kill with a spell explodes, recasting that spell again. +1 MD
B Power Casting: You can set an MD to 6, roll an extra CD with this spell and keep it after. +1 MD
C Rapid Fire: At the end of each round, you can cast an extra combat spell separate to your normal turn. +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Combat Spells
  1. Magic Missile: Deals [sum]+[dice] damage, cannot miss
  2. Flame Blast
  3. Icicle Swarm
  4. Shocking Orb: Conjure an orb, it moves forwards [dice] spaces every round until it collides with something. Anything within [dice] spaces takes [sum] damage
  5. Acid Arrow
  6. Ghast Bolt

Depending which triple you roll, you lose the ability to do one of the following:
  1. Walk
  2. Hold things
  3. Talk
  4. Eat
  5. See
  6. Hear

If you roll the same Doom again, you lose all of them

Necromancer Arise, once more, and do my bidding
Gear: Raise Zombie/Skeleton/Spirit, random spell, shovel

A Speak with Dead. +1 MD
B You can give orders to your undead minions via thoughts, rather than having to speak aloud. Be sure to remain completely focused while giving orders. +1 MD
C Speak with Death. As in, the Grim Reaper. +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Learn new spells from the skulls of other necromancers, or from the Land of the Dead. Practitioners who can die and live to tell the tale are bestowed the title of "Dread Necromancer".
  1. Raise Zombie: Awaken [sum] HP of shambling corpses. Follow commands approximately, can be distracted. Every 6 HP grants a combat ability
  2. Raise Skeleton: Animate [sum] HP of clean bones. Follow orders exactly and to the letter. Reduce HP by 7 to grant a magic ability
  3. Raise Spirit: Conjure a ghost using a bit of corpse or a prized possession. Must answer [sum] questions or take [dice] actions. Strong ghosts might stick around afterwards, weak ghosts might be permanently destroyed
  4. Drain Life: Steal [sum] HP from a living creature you are touching. Alternatively, use the round after a creature dies to extract the soul before it leaves the body
  5. Explode Corpse: Deals [sum] damage within [dice] spaces. You must either see the corpse, or have it ritually prepared. Small corpses cannot channel more than 1 MD, a whale corpse could handle 4+ MD
  6. Power Word Kill: Every living thing with [sum]x[dice] HP or less that hears you speak instantly dies. Even if you can't hear, this still applies to you
  7. Death Scythe: Pull a weapon from the body of a deceased creature, lasts for [sum] hours and deals [dice]d6 damage to creatures of the same type
  8. False Life: Heals [sum]x2 HP, up to [sum] points higher than max. Cannot regain HP any other way for [dice] days. (mishap: it's [sum] days instead)

  1. Halved STR
  2. Halved CON
  3. Instantly die, if you aren't already dead

Fleshcrafter (a.k.a Biomancer) Hold still, this won't hurt me a bit
Gear: Two random spells, hefty sewing kit

A Speak with Flesh and Blood. +1 MD
B Malleable Flesh: Instead of suffering a negative spell effects, including from Mishaps, you can choose to Mutate instead. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Learn new spells by dissecting magical creatures, and surgically implanting the interesting bits.
  1. Shift Ailments: Transfer [sum]x[dice] HP between two willing or immobile targets, or [dice] physical injuries/diseases
  2. Sculpt Flesh: Change [dice]x2 physical features for [sum] hours
  3. Sprout Mutation: Gain or bestow a mutation for [sum]x[dice] minutes. At the end, it can be kept permanently
  4. Extract: Remove [dice] fluids from sample, deals [sum] damage to a living target that would prefer those fluids kept inside
  5. Inject: Add a fluid to a sample under [dice] barriers (skin counts as a barrier)
  6. Monsterise: Make an ordinary creature into a giant version of itself, it gains +[dice] HD. Casting this twice on the same creature has exceptionally bad results
  7. Cloudkill: For [sum] rounds, any living creature takes 1d6+[dice] damage unless they cover their eyes and mouth
  8. Homunculus: Create a creature out of spare parts, it takes on [dice] properties of the parts used. You can cast spells on it at any distance, including healing it [sum] HP or giving it +[sum] to an action. It's incredibly hard to kill permanently, but total immolation etc. will cause you to lose this spell

  1. Gain three mutations
  2. Each time you cast a spell with more than 2 MD, gain a mutation
  3. You devolve into a mindless slush of writhing flesh

Greenseer (a.k.a Floramancer) I speak for the trees, and they say you're a bitch
Gear: Manipulate Plant, random spell, bag of seeds

A Speak with Plants. +1 MD
B Aura of Life: If you spend a minute around living plants, they grow healthier and sprout new life. This effect increases the longer you spend in the area. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Learn new spells by spreading the seeds of the great trees to new groves
  1. Manipulate Plant: Make a plant you are currently touching move [sum] large branches or roots
  2. Sprout: Make a plant grow as if for [sum] years, if it doesn’t have enough nutrients for this it will wither and die afterwards
  3. Poison Touch: [dice]d4 damage for [sum] rounds, save ends
  4. Walk into a tree, heal [dice] HP, if there is a tree within [sum] spaces you can exit from that one. Kills normal-sized trees if you do it to them more than once a year
  5. Entangling Vines: [sum] creatures are wrapped in conjured vines. If cast in the presence of actual vines, this lasts until the plants are destroyed, otherwise [dice] rounds

  1. Sunlight, fresh water and clean air replace food for you. Going without will cause you to wilt
  2. You start growing roots. Halve your move speed, but you are twice as hard to knock over
  3. You turn into a tree. You can still cast spells

Mycomancer (a.k.a Shroomseer, Fungal Reverend) The Great Fungal Moon watches over us all! Blessed be thy fruiting body!
Gear: Share the Joy, random spell, latent fungal infection ("improve" one body part)

A Speak with Fungi, Ooze and Slime. +1 MD
B Blooming Aura: If you spend a minute in a calm area, you spread fungal spores. This effect increases the longer you spend in the area. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Learn a random spell by spreading the spores of the Great Fungal Moon to new, untapped nutrient reserves. Learn a specific spell by spreading spores to a particular location of the Moon's choice
  1. Share the Joy: Spew spores out of your eyes, mouth and nose, enough to "bless" [sum] people or [sum] spaces. They will be incapacitated or suffocating for at least [sum] rounds
  2. Beautiful Embrace Embrace: [sum] creatures are entangled in conjured fungal strands. Lasts [dice] rounds. If something dies while entangled,
  3. Rot: Whatever you are currently touching rots as if it has been buried in a hot, bug-ridden swamp for [sum]x[dice] days
  4. Extract Nutrients: Steal [sum] HP from a living creature you are touching. Can also be used to heal yourself [sum] HP from delicious corpses
  5. Fungal Moonwalk: Walk into a patch of fungi, exit another patch within [sum] spaces. If you cannot reach a patch, you will have to speak with the Great Fungal Moon en-route (this is usually bad)

  1. Your biological processes slow down, and will eventually stop. You no longer need to eat or drink, but you don't heal naturally either. Pressing nutritious flesh into an open wound will sprout into a healthy fungal mass. Helpful!
  2. Your innards change further. Halve your move speed, but you don't need to breath
  3. You collapse into a pulsating fungal mound. You can still cast spells

(this class is a mirror of the Greenseer. It's life Jim, but not as we know it)

Pyromancer (a.k.a Pyrokineticist, Flameheart, Firebender) You're nothing but kindling
Gear: Fireball, random spell, asbestos robes

A Speak with Fire. +1 MD
B You are immune to heat, smoke inhalation, and all other effects of fire except direct exposure. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D Apocalypse: You can charge up the next fire spell you cast, roll MD. The spell is repeated [sum] times. If you take damage before that, it fails and you take [sum]x[dice] damage (anyone can tell this). +1 MD

New spells can be learned by merging with a spirit of fire, eating the heart of an ancient red dragon or awakening a volcano:
  1. Fireball: Deals [sum] damage in a ball with [dice] spaces radius. If it won't fit, it follows the path of least resistance, or makes room
  2. Wall of Flame: [sum]x[dice] spaces long
  3. Fireform: You and all your equipment transform into a creature of flame for [sum] rounds
  4. Pyre Fiend: Summon a flaming creature with [highest]+[dice] HD
  5. Immolate: Deals [sum] damage to a single target. You can continue casting it for free each round so long as you haven't moved, taken damage or done anything else
  6. Heat Metal: Deals [sum] damage to anything in contact with the metal each round. Can optionally leave the metal immune, otherwise the metal will eventually melt. [dice] minutes

  1. Everything within arms reach of you catches on fire
  2. The spell splits into a unique form. You learn a random spell, which you must immediately cast. The strain of it drops you to 0 HP and burns one of your hands to a cinder
  3. You summon an active volcano directly under your location. It will erupt in 30-[sum] rounds.

The Doom of the Pyromancer can be permanently avoided by reigniting a dormant volcano, or resurrecting a "dead" phoenix.

Waterweaver (a.k.a Hydromancer, Waterbender) In the beginning, all was water
Gear: Shape Water, random spell, large amphora of purest springwater

A Speak with Water. +1 MD
B You can breath underwater. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D Panthalassa: In your vicinity, any amount of water bigger than a drinking glass is connected to the global sea, Panthalassa. Thus any puddle is infinitely deep. +1 MD

New spells can be learned by visiting the kingdoms at the bottom of oceans, and at the end of worlds
  1. Shape Water: You can make items out of water by investing MD. Attacks made this way deal [sum] damage, but only if used against a vulnerable target
  2. Purifying Flow: Reduce the severity of a wound or curse by [sum] or for [sum] rounds (mishap: nearby auras are drained)
  3. Soothe: Heal [dice] HP for up to [sum] rounds, requires you to keep both hands on the patient
  4. Snow Storm: Anywhere within [dice] spaces of you is a whirl of snow
  5. Freeze: [dice] limbs of target are encased in ice, [sum] damage needed to shatter it
  6. Desiccate: Deal [sum] damage to a living target, repeats for [dice] rounds if they are especially watery
  7. Liquid Substitution: Transform a liquid into a random other liquid, choosing from [sum]/2 options. If [sum]>12 just choose which liquid
  8. Moon Blessing: If the moon is full, you can treat sources of light as if they were liquid water. If the moon is new, you can treat deep patches of well-defined shadow like solid ice

  1. From now on, your mood follows the phases of the moon. If it's a Full Moon, you are manic and excitable and prone to seeing visions. If it is a New Moon, you are morose and despondent, and prone to spending the day in a bath
  2. ?
  3. Next high tide, the tide continues to rise until it reaches your location and drags you under. Anyone with any amount of magical or spiritual senses will be able to tell this is because of you

Stoneborn (a.k.a Geomancer, Earthbender, Lithomancer) I cast FIST
Gear: Earth Blow, random spell, ?

A Speak with Stone. +1 MD
B For one round after you cast a spell, your body is as hard as rock +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

You can learn more spells by delving deep into the roots of mountains and finding what secrets dwell within:
  1. Earth Blow: Punch or kick solid stone to cause a chunk to fly out somewhere else, +[sum] to-hit, [highest] damage
  2. Shape Stone: Create [dice] small stone walls or other structures once per round for [sum] rounds
  3. Granite Shell: Block [sum] damage, while you are still within your shell you cannot be slowed down or jump
  4. Avalanche: Anything downhill from you takes [sum] damage, [sum]x2 if it cannot move
  5. Earthquake: Deals [sum] damage to solid structures and prone targets
  6. Weaken Solid: Anything with a solid structures (including bones) take +[sum] damage from hard impacts

  1. A limb turns to stone. +1 CON, -1 DEX
  2. Half your body turns to stone. +2 CON, +1 STR, -4 DEX
  3. The rest of your body turns to stone. +3 CON, +1 STR, -5 DEX. Each month, make a Save to resist the pull of Planetary Communion. If you fail, you begin burrowing towards the core, never to be seen again on the surface

Cloudspeaker (a.k.a. Aeromancer, Airbender) Stand in the rain, and hear the mysteries of distant lands
Gear: Gust, random spell, winged staff

A Speak with Wind. +1 MD
B While you have no CD, you have perfect balance. +1 MD // Too much overlap with Acrobat?
C ? +1 MD
D You no longer need to breath and are perfectly weightless. However, you can invert your spells to cast Forbidden Vacuum Arts. Once you use Vacuum Arts even once, you lose the other benefits of this ability. +1 MD

You can learn more spells by climbing to the nearest highest point and facing the local wind spirits. They will set you a challenge of their choosing:
  1. Gust: Charge up [sum] strong gusts of wind, each can push someone back [dice] spaces
  2. Lighten: For [sum] rounds target object or creature is as light as a feather
  3. Mighty Lungs: Take [sum]x[dice] deep breaths, can be split amongst multiple targets
  4. Flight: [dice] individuals can fly in a given direction for [sum] rounds, and change directions [dice]-1 times (mishap: crash when you land)
  5. Wind Step: Move [sum] spaces over thin air
  6. Control Weather: Move the weather [dice] steps in either direction, can only be cast once per day. Can have unpredictable outcomes

  1. The storm rises and flattens everything near you, before booping you lightly on the nose and running away
  2. The storm rises and fries everything nearby with [sum] massive lightning bolts
  3. The storm rises and whisks you away to parts unknown

Electromancer (a.k.a Technomage) Here, hold these two wires for a moment, I need to check something
Gear: Electro-Blast, random spell, intriguing scrap metal

A Speak with Electricity and Metal. +1 MD
B Technical: You spells hits extra targets if they are connected by metal, water or magic, and can be used to activate or control machinery +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

You can learn more spells by making them from scratch, scrap and bolts of inspiration:
  1. Electro-Blast: Deals [sum] damage, causes twitches and spasms for [dice] rounds afterwards. No roll to-hit required if in physical contact
  2. Magnetise: Choose [sum] objects to fly towards or away from each other. Anything that is damaged in the process takes 1d4+[dice] damage. Alternatively, shoot one held metal object to deal [sum]+[dice] damage
  3. Cursed Lightning: Agonising electricity crackles between you and the target. The first time each round the target takes an action or moves, they take [sum] damage. Spell ends when you move or take an action
  4. Lightning Strike: Deals [sum] damage to the nearest/tallest/most conductive object. Alternatively, cause a real storm to strike [sum] times, [dice] in locations of your choice
  5. Speed of Lightning: For [sum] rounds the target can take [lowest] damage each round to take a second action
  6. Energise
  7. Shocking Orb

  1. Electric seizure for [sum] rounds, deal d6 electric damage to a random nearby target each round
  2. [sum] nearby metal objects fuse with you
  3. Fuse with the nearest large metal object permanently

Manufactory (a.k.a Industrial Mage, Spellgineer) Back in my day, we didn't have no Mishaps or Dooms, we just put in the hard work and got it done.
Gear: Conjure Metal, Shape Metal, smithing robes

Each time you cast one of your spells on metal, it degrades by one step - steel, to iron, to potmetal, to rust, to nothing. This can be avoided or reversed if you have high-quality fuel. Potmetal shatters on a critical fail, rust shatters after any use

A Speak with Metal and Devices. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

You can learn new spells by putting in the hard work and training under more experienced mages
  1. Conjure Metal: Create [dice] slots of iron, or [sum] slots of potmetal
  2. Shape Metal: Craft [dice] items out of metal. You can create [sum] slots of equipment instead, but these are degraded two steps (suitable for bullets)
  3. Weld: For [dice] rounds a beam of intense heat emanates from between your hands, dealing [sum] damage each round or melting together metal objects
  4. Reinforce
  5. Accelerate Metal
  6. Summon Machine Spirit

  1. For the next day, your spells produce wood or woodsmoke
  2. For the next week, your spells produce glass or a thin burnt haze
  3. Your spells produce rotten crumbling bone or the smell of blood. Take [dice] damage whenever you cast a spell, Mishaps permanently reduce your CON by 1

Shadow-dancer Step lightly, for the space between the light is deeper than you know
Gear: Shadow Step, random spell, silent silk slippers, garrotte

A You can see perfectly in the dark. +1 MD
B Speak with Darkness. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

  1. Shadow Step: While you are in absolute darkness, you can step out of another shadow within [sum] spaces
  2. Shadow Clone: Create [dice] shadows. You can make a shadow move as an action, they are as nimble and fast as you are. You can also teleport to a shadow clone, destroying it in the process
  3. Summon Grue: [highest]+[dice] HD, swims through darkness like water, incapable of entering any lit area
  4. Veil: You are almost completely imperceptible to [dice] senses for [sum] minutes
  5. Corrupt Shadow: Touch the shadow of a creature to deal [sum] CHA damage. The shadow becomes warped and monstrous until the damage heals. If the target hits 0 CHA, the damage is permanent, and they become an endlessly smiling killer, particularly of their former allies
  6. Bottomless Shadows: All shadows within 30ft become [sum]ft deep pools of liquid shadow, roughly the consistency of quicksand. [dice] minutes. If [sum]>12 the pits actually are bottomless

// Under the night sky, you automatically succeed rolls to sneak or pull acrobatic stunts

Dooms: Trapped in the Shadow Realm for 1 day/3 days/forever

Diabolist I am altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further
Gear: Two demonic contracts, ?

A The Terms: Any time you roll a 6 or a Mishap while casting, gain a point of Hubris. If you gain 6 points of Hubris, you automatically suffer a Doom. +3 MD
B Renegotiate: You can lose a point of Hubris by making a suitable sacrifice. +1 MD
C Exchange: You can trade souls, spells, traits, abilities and anything else with any ally // This is an even better way to get rid of Hubris and Dooms
D Promotion: You become a demon. You no longer accrue CD, and all MD you roll come up 6s

Learn new spells by establishing contracts with new demons
  1. Subtlety: Invisible and intangible, can effect the world with a +[sum] bonus
  2. Violence: Make an attack, dealing [sum]+[dice] damage on a hit, and knocks the target back [dice] spaces. If this misses the target it'll hit something
  3. Avarice: Make [sum] copies of an object you are currently holding, or [sum]x10 copies if it is coin-sized or smaller. Lasts until used exactly once, then vanishes in a puff of brimstone
  4. Fortune
  5. Disaster: Make something awful happen to [sum]+[hubris] people. Grants +1 Hubris if it causes any deaths
  6. Luxury: Counts as any spell you need it to be. Needs at least 4 dice, MD or CD, to work
  7. Horde - [invest], summon [sum] cowardly, mutable, stupid and loyal minions. They die in droves, but will otherwise do your bidding (mishap: 1-in-6 chance of them turning on you with any command)
  8. Puppetry: Control [dice] limbs for [sum] rounds, or vice versa. Requires the use of both your hands
  9. Consume Soul: As part of killing a helpless ensouled target, heal [sum] HP if the target's max HP is at least [sum]. Also, learn [dice] secrets, skills or spells that last as long as the HP does

  1. The person you love most in the world comes under a Terrible Curse (this could be you)
  2. Anywhere you stay for more than one night is Blighted
  3. A portal opens, sucking you down into Hell

Subtle Witch Sometimes magic is simply knowing one extra thing the other person doesn't
Gear: Two random spells, intimidating hat

A Familiar: It tells you secrets but always makes you do the hard work. Can be fed MD and cast a bit like a spell. +1 MD
B Headology: Whenever you tell say something relating to magic, listeners will believe you unless they have a really good reason not to. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D If you could do something with mundane skill and a fair whack of effort, you can do it with magic. +1 MD

Learn more spells by brewing them up or finding them in deeply hidden places
  1. Flight: You and [dice] others can take to the skies. DEX checks are needed for take-off, landing, and aerobatics. Lasts until you land
  2. Suggestion: Give a gentle instruction of [sum] words to [dice] specific targets, or to everyone listening
  3. Horrific Pronouncement: For as many rounds as you want, describe the horrible fate of the target. Once you stop, they suffer that fate if their HP is less than [sum]x[rounds]
  4. Binding Promise: Deals the target [sum] damage every time they break the promise
  5. Ironic Hex: Pick an action the target took last round, they must repeat it for [sum] rounds
  6. Many Hands: Animate [dice] tools to perform [sum] actions each
  7. Identify: Ask [sum] yes/no questions about something you touch

Cunning Witch (a.k.a. Animist) You shall suffer for your impudence!
Gear: Two spells, ?

A Law of Sympathy: If you possess part of the target, you can cast spells on them at any distance. If you have a piece and can also cast normally, they have disadvantage on the save, or none at all. +1 MD
B If someone breaks a deal with you, all of your spells have x3 effect against them, forever. If you break the deal, they are forever immune to your spells. They know this before making the deal. +1 MD
C Vile Ritual: ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Learn more spells by consuming innocence, in any form at all
  1. Spirit Curse: Effects the mind or soul. Lasts for [sum]x[dice] days, permanent if you die before it runs out
  2. Flesh Curse: Effects the body or actions. Lasts for [sum]x[dice] days, can be contagious
  3. Evil Eye: Target fails the next [sum]/2 rolls
  4. Cruel Hex: Pick an action the target took last round, they take [sum] damage each time they perform it again. Lasts [dice] minutes
  5. Bedevil: For [sum] hours, [dice] invisible imps torment and harass the target (mishap: if you get their attention, they harass you as well)
  6. Fearful Visage: [sum] creatures take x2 damage from you unless they flee, cower, hide or avert their gaze from you for [dice] rounds
  7. Puppeteering: Control [sum] limbs you can see for [dice] rounds, or vice versa
  8. Inexorable Instruction: Take [sum] damage. Every time the target hears your command and doesn't obey, they take [sum] damage
  9. PERISH: Take [sum] damage, something with less than [sum]x[dice] HP suffers a Fate Worse Than Death

Arcane Bow - A. Shipwright

Apprentice How hard can it be? I'll pick it up as I go
Gear: Three random spell scrolls

A You can learn any spell just by reading it out of a scroll, but it starts with +3 CD. If you succeed on an INT check before casting, remove 1 CD permanently. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D Masterful Inspiration: ?. +1 MD // Maybe the first time you cast a new spell it has a huge bonus?

Dooms: You take 1d20/1d30/1d100 damage // or something more interesting

Sorcerer Unlimited Power!
Gear: arcane mark, ?, ?

A Soul Spell: Learn one of three randomly selected spells. It is always cast with 3 MD, but you don't gain any Chaos Dice. By default, you can't learn any more spells
B Modify Spell: ?
C Invert Spell: ?
D Avatar: Whenever you wish, you take on the full form of your spell

Chartered Wizard See this hat? See how pointy it is? Exactly
Gear: two spells, robes, (some gear based on Charter)

A Perks and Drawbacks: Every wizard Charter comes with a set of Boons and Restrictions. Restrictions prevent you from casting spells and cause you to acquire Chaos Dice. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D Legendary Ritual: Even if you don't currently know the spell, you can replicate the effects of any Charter spell with a suitable ritual. +1 MD

You can learn more spells by performing quests for the leaders of your Charter, or at the very least, supplying them with large amounts of money.

  1. Banking
  2. Doors
  3. Geometry
  4. Souls
  5. Books

Conjuror For my next trick...
Gear: two spells of your choice, top-hat
A Speak with Object (crafted, non-structure) +1 MD
B Uncountable Pockets: If you are carrying an item in your inventory, you can always pull it out of any pocket, no matter how improbable. +1 MD // A little weak, maybe better as spell
C ? +1 MD
D Cheap Tricks: You can cast any ordinary spell you don't know, but only once each. +1 MD

  1. Animate Object: Invest MD to bring an object to life. It has +[sum] to do what it is designed for. You can give it [dice] specific commands. Larger objects need more MD
  2. Transpose: Swap the position of two things you can currently see that are roughly the same size, max size based on [dice], object/person/cart/building
  3. Duplicate Object: Using the necessary raw materials, you can create a copy of an object you currently hold or know extremely well. Size is limited based on [dice]
  4. Secret Space
// No direct damage

Enchanter Look deep into my eyes.
Gear: two spells of your choice, ?

A While someone is under the influence of your spells, you can hear any basic and loud thoughts they have. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C If you invoke somebody's real name while casting a spell, they get no save against it. If you've personally heard them speak their name, the duration is permanent. +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

  1. Command: Give an irresistible [dice] word order to up to [sum] people. They can interpret that order however they want, but they must fulfil it
  2. Erase Memory: If you've got time to work on them, remove the last [sum]x[dice] things someone has perceived, otherwise removes [dice]
  3. Glibness: Unless they have a specific reason to believe otherwise, people will believe whatever you say for the next [sum] minutes. When it runs out, they may question their actions. If they have a specific reason, and question what you say, reduce the remaining duration by 1d6 minutes
  4. Deja Reve ("Already Dreamt"): [dice] creatures treat the last [sum] rounds as if [choice]: 1. It were but a dream, 2. They had made it up themselves, 3. It was a story someone else was telling them, 4. Had already happened to them, 5. Was something they were planning on doing tomorrow, 6. Was logically impossible
  5. Dominate: For [dice] hours, target must follow a command you give or take [sum] damage. Each time they take the damage or complete a command, they can save to end the spell. Afterwards, it can never effect them
  6. Mesmerism

Illusionist Seeing is believing
Gear: Conjure Illusion, spell of choice, coloured lantern

A Speak with Reflections. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C The Light Phantastic: You can pick and choose exactly who sees your spells. +1 MD
D Domain of Smoke and Mirrors: If you cast a spell somewhere that is partially obscured or confusingly reflected, [dice] times during the spell you can make an illusory thing become real. +1 MD

Learn more spells by ?
  1. Conjure Illusion: Create [dice] silent images somewhere you can see, choose [sum] specific details or areas to focus on. Lasts until you cast another spell
  2. Invisible Orchestra: Pick [sum] sounds to add to your selection. Over the next [dice] minutes you can choose when they issue forth
  3. Riotous Flurry: Fill an area with a mess of transient illusions, split [sum]x[dice] over spaces or rounds
  4. Conjure Nightmare: Create (the appearance) of a [sum] HD creature from the mind of your target
  5. Invisibility: Make something invisible for [sum] minutes if it stays stationary, or [sum] rounds of movement. Size is limited based on [dice]
  6. Mirror Object: Pull a reflection out of a mirrored surface into this reality. Apart from looking the same, it only shares [dice]-1 properties with the original
  7. Phantom Shields: Create [sum]/2 illusory copies of yourself, floating around near you. Any physical contact will pop an illusion, and there is a random chance that you are struck instead of a copy
  8. Summon Synaesthesia: Swap [dice] of the targets senses for [sum] hours. They now smell colours, or taste sounds. This effect is doubled for your illusions

Turn into an illusion for 1 day / 3 days / Permanently. While you are an illusion, illusions are real to you, you can be heavily damaged by the slightest physical contact, and the only spell you can cast is Conjure Illusion.

Oracle (a.k.a Seer, Diviner) To know the future is to be tempted to change it. Such is the folly of mortals
Gear: Threads of Fate, random spell, ?

A Speak with Souls. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

  1. Threads of Fate: [invest], roll [dice]x2 d20s, use them in place of any d20s you see rolled. If done using high quality tools, with a sacrifice, and/or at a place of fateful potency, roll [sum] d20s instead
  2. Psychometry: While touching an object, ask [sum] yes/no questions about it. The first time cast on an object, it takes a round, after that it takes an hour/full day/week of meditation (mishap: if the item is taken away from you, take [sum] damage, lasts [dice] days)
  3. Prophetic Incantation: Speak aloud a statement of [sum] words, it will eventually come to pass in some form or another. Using names adds an extra CD (mishap: there are [dice] snarls in fate that must be resolved first)
  4. Meddle: Add or subtract [sum] from a roll you witness (mishap: suffer a [sum] penalty to the next roll of the same type you make)
  5. Augury: Learn what would probably happen if you took [dice] specific actions
  6. Tell Fortune: The result has a potency based on [sum] and is generally [choice] 1. Boring, 2, Odd, 3. Unpleasant, 4. Hopeful, 5. Ominous, 6. Exciting

  1. You are struck blind by visions beyond mortal imagination. You can still see anything that has a soul
  2. ?
  3. Nobody knows what happens to you. Good luck.

Prophecy Rules: Telling the future accurately is almost impossible. If a prediction concerns a PC, either the player or the DM can declare that it's coming true right now. The less specific and constricting a prophecy is, the more potent it ends up being in the long run. All prophecies have a way out.

Arithmancer (a.k.a. Mathemancer) If my calculations are correct (and they always are) it is impossible for us to fail. Or succeed. It's just going to be sort of meh
Gear: Two "theorems" (spells), mechanical abacus

A Speak with Symbols, but only one symbol at a time. +1 MD
B Double your current CD to take 10 on a roll. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D You discover a universal property that governs the world, and can tweak it slightly. Permanently change one rule of the game. +1 MD

You can learn new spells (sorry, "theorems") by spending vast sums of money on theoretical research (there are also easier ways)
  1. Dimensional Analysis: Restrict the movement of an object in [dice] directions e.g. up-down, left-right, forward-back. With 4 MD, it is also fixed in time and completely indestructible. [invest] duration
  2. Exponential Growth: Double or halve the size of something each round for [dice] rounds. The new size lasts for a further [sum] rounds, then it reverses at the same speed. If used on a small item, can apply to [sum] of the same items of the same type
  3. Fractal Geometry: Turn something into [sum] smaller copies of itself
  4. Formal Logic: Select two objects or creatures, if they share 4-[dice] key traits then for [sum] rounds anything that effects one will effect the other

Astromancer (a.k.a. Astrologer, Stargazer) Ooh, that's a new one!
Gear: two spells, telescope

A Speak with Star, your chosen astral body. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

  1. Sunblast: Focuses the light of the sun into roughly the area you're aiming towards. [sum] round duration, growing stronger each round. Causes a localised eclipse
  2. Moonbeam: Focuses the light of the moon into an incredibly precise area, sharp enough to cut hair or perform surgery. Effect is strongest during a full moon.
  3. Written in the Stars: Rearrange [sum]x5 stars into new constellations for the next [dice] nights. It takes roughly five stars to form one letter
  4. Meteor Strike: In the next 1d100-[sum] days, a meteor will land on a point you designate, dealing [dice]d20 damage to everything in range

  1. A few minutes after you die, your body will ascend on a pillar of nuclear fire and become a brand new star
  2. ?
  3. You will die in ten seconds

Alchemist Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Gear: four reagents, alembic, charcoal

A You can guess what a potion will do just by looking at it (learn one of the effect words). Your potions have +[sum] effect. Roll MD and CD once when brewing, and when using. +1 MD
B Quick Brew: Add +1 CD to the potion to take only a minute to make it, or +2 CD to do it in a single round. +1 MD
C Advanced Potions: Using five reagents and 2+ MD creates incredible three-word spell effects. These spells are extremely specific and precise, and may not seem to have any effect. +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Potion Crafting
Each combination of magical reagents, processed correctly, makes a particular potion. The effect of the potion is a random spell, generated when the recipe is first brewed. Anyone can make Standard potions if they are careful and patient.
  • Standard: 3 reagents, 0+ MD, ordinary effects (2 words)
  • Advanced: 5 reagents, 2+ MD, strange effects (3 words, very precise)
  • Legendary: 7 reagents, 4+ MD, impossible effects (four words, ???)

Example Reagents
  1. Demon horn
  2. Ent twig
  3. Unicorn blood (you monster)
  4. Dragon gizzard
  5. Dinosaur bone
  6. Space crystals
  7. Wizard teeth
  8. 200-proof alcohol
  9. "Snuff"
  10. Pixie dust

Puppet and Puppeteer - DOFRESH

Golemist Imbue a lifeless sculpture with a spark of the divine
Gear: (see speciality list)

A Once you have crafted a sculpture out of your chosen material, you can bring it to life with [sum] HP, or [sum]x[dice] if you have a pristine, well-equipped workspace. It loses 1 HP each time it is active for the same amount of time as was spent crafting it. +1 MD
B You can create golems out of two different materials, combining the traits of both. You'll need to find a master artisan to help with the new material. +1 MD
C Partner Golem: While acting in tandem, both Golem and Golemist can use the higher start from of either set. +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Golem stats (based on 1-4 MD):
Damage: 1d6 / 1d8 / 1d10 / 1d12
Defence: none / light / med / heavy
Max size: chair / human / wagon / building
[sum] damage special attack
Intelligent, but bound to follow all instructions from the Golemist

Speciality, (starting equipment), golem traits:
  1. Clay (potters wheel, three clay blocks, sledgehammer). No traits
  2. Stone (chisel, pickaxe, lantern). Take min damage from attacks while upright, effective at destroying structures, very slow
  3. Metal (portable anvil, hammer, three ingots). Extra defence and damage, expensive and difficult to make
  4. Wood (hatchet, saw, plane). Half damage from bludgeoning and piercing, double from slashing and fire
  5. Glass (miniature kiln, pipe, bag of sand). Fill with potions to grant spell casting. Explode for [sum] damage when broken
  6. Thread (100ft of silk, silk gloves, scissors). Shaped into a series of fractal glyphs. Take twice a long to make, incredibly light and strong
  7. Wax (fire-lighter, 30ft of wick, three bags of tallow). While burning, takes 1 damage, and has an additional action per round
  8. Porcelain (three clay blocks, portable kiln, assorted paints and glazes). Immune to spell of [dice] or less. Double bludgeoning damage

Golemists don't have the usual Doom track. Triples result in the newborn Golem gaining free-will, no longer losing 1 HP each time-increment, and permanently absorbing the MD used in their creation. The MD are returned if the Golem is destroyed.

Opt: If the magic empowering a golem wears out, the body can be enchanted again. Some maintenance is required each time, or Chaos Dice are added to the spell.
Opt: Some Golemists build a secret weakness into their creations, such as a hidden symbol that can deactivate the golem permanently.
Opt: A Doom that results in a Golem that is amenable to the party can be played as a character. They start with Automaton A + Demigod A (even though they are neither).

Artificer The greatest projects start with a single hammer-blow
Gear: hammer set (normal, small, tiny), protective gloves, latest creation

A Investiture: You can permanently embed MD in your creations to produce magic items. +1 MD
B When creating something, your talents allow you to skip 1+[dice] steps in the process. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Bonus: ?

Laser Wizard You're not a real laser wizard until running a spoon over your fingers sounds like a fucked-up xylophone
Gear: Two random beams, three spare metal fingers

A Continual Blast: If you recast the same spell multiple rounds in a row, and take no other actions, you only gain CD for the first casting. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C Ray of Affliction: When you use a scroll, potion or other magic item, you can convert the effect into a Beam. +1 MD // Or make this a spell?
D Light Show: Cast multiple beam spells at once, split MD used amongst each. Only roll CD once. +1 MD

// 10^[dice] spaces range?

  1. Disintegration Beam: [sum]x[dice] damage. Requires an attack roll. If you miss, it hits something behind the target. Ignores armour and material resistance
  2. Tractor Beam: Lifts and slowly moves [sum] inventory slots for [dice] rounds
  3. Scorching Ray: [sum] damage to everything in a line // invisible microwave beam?
  4. Freeze Ray: [highest] damage, leaves layer of ice with [sum] HP. If the ice has higher HP than the target, it is frozen solid
  5. Hard Light: Creates a solid column of light, can support the weight of [dice] people at the same time, stops existing in the dark
  6. Targeting Pointer: For the next round, attacks against the target have +[sum] to-hit and damage

// Elemental Beam: Fire, Ice, Lightning. [sum]x5 spaces long, [highest]+[dice] damage
// Death: Drops to 0 HP, roll over [sum] each round to recover all lost HP
// Tele-swap, Explosion, Shrink

  1. Take 2d6 damage. d6 fingers are transmuted to glass, d6 are charred to blackened bone
  2. Take 2d10 damage. For each odd dice, an arm is transmuted to glass, otherwise it is charred to blackened bone
  3. 50% chance of being entirely transmuted into a glass statue, otherwise scorched to charcoal

Orbseeker That most sacred of forms, fulfilling the great destiny
Gear: Three orbs (one already pondered)

A Ponder: Spend a session pondering an orb to learn a random spell, or to replace the spell that orb is currently giving you. +1 MD
B ?. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D Shatter: Destroy an orb to cast it's spell with tripled damage and effect +1 MD

You can learn more spells by seeking orbs!

Opt: If you spend a whole session without finding an orb, or without having a useful clue to an orb location, tell the DM to add an orb-related random encounter to the list.

Vortex Mage Hang on tight, I have absolutely no idea what I'm about to do
Gear: heavily padded robes, ?, ?

A Chaos Burst: Whenever you want, you can cast a random spell. +1 MD
B Chaos Aura: You can choose to randomise any spell you see being cast. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D Thaumic Ignition: Instead of suffering the effect of a Mishap, spell, or spell-ish effect, you can cast another spell. +1 MD

  1. The spell becomes corrupted, it miscasts in an unexpected way. Mark down the Magic Words used in the failed spell as corrupted. If you cast another spell using any corrupted words, it miscasts the same way, and the corruption spreads to other Words in the spell
  2. ?
  3. ?

Blue Mage Ha ha, ouch, that's a good one
Gear: ?, random scroll, protective totem (reduces spell damage to 1, then breaks)

A You can learn any spell (or spell-like effect) that deals you damage or otherwise afflicts you. You can hold [level]x2 spells in your head at the same time. +1 MD
B Spell-Splice: Combine two spells into one, taking some traits from each. +1 MD
C You are immune to any spell you currently know. +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Spell-like effects include magical traps, dragonfire, angelic harmonies, demon apparition, lightning bolts, and many other natural and unnatural events. If it is both powerful and transient, it probably counts as a spell.

Summoner Come, you spirits of darkness and light, and fill the world
Gear: The names of two entities, bag of reinforced chalks

A Anyone can summon an entity for [sum] rounds if they know the true name of that entity. You can summon them for [sum] hours. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D Spirit Bond: Choose an entity you know the name of and have a good relationship with. It is permanently by your side. If it has any effect based on [sum] or [dice], assume at least 2 MD were used to summon it. +1 MD

  1. Vanish for 1d6 hours to a strange world of blinding light and geometric shapes made of clay. Perform strange acts under the light of a thousand stars
  2. Vanish for 3d6 hours, as above. Return with 0 HP
  3. Vanish permanently

Metamagician As peasants fear wizards, so do wizards fear me
Gear: weird glowing tattoos, crystal wand, ?

A You count as the caster of any spells, or spell-like effects you see cast. You can add or remove MD using your own, and manipulate the spell in many ways. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Spell-like effects include magical traps, dragonfire, angelic harmonies, demon apparition, lightning bolts, and many other natural and unnatural events. If it is both powerful and transient, it probably counts as a spell.

Bonus: ?

Telewizard (a.k.a. Warp-lock) Here, there, and everywhere
Gear: Two spells, 30ft elastic rope

A You are immune to tele-fragging (teleporting into a space occupied by a solid object). +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

You can learn more spells in the places between realities
  1. Portal: Create a portal between two places you can currently see. It's [dice] feet wide, lasts for [dice] rounds and opens up [dice]x5 spaces away. You can add [sum] to any of those values, or split it among several. Cast it twice on the same location to give it [invest] duration
  2. Blink: Instantly teleport [dice]x2 spaces to a location you can see. You can cast this even if it isn't your turn, but add 1 CD
  3. Warp Space: In a sphere [dice] spaces across, you can choose the direction of "down" for [sum] rounds
  4. Telerend: Target takes [sum] damage, for each MD showing a 6 they also lose a random limb
  5. Swap: Two items of the same size swap locations, and velocities. Size is limited based on [dice] (object, person, wagon, building), and the locations of both targets must be known precisely

Legendary Spell: True Teleport

  1. The next time you try and mess with physics in some way, a horrible creature from outside of space shows up to put it back together
  2. You've been permanently Marked as a no-good troublemaker for those that have to keep the spacetime continuum intact. You rascal you!
  3. Everything within 3.14 metres of your exact location, and two weeks in either temporal direction, is annihilated in a mysterious transparent explosion

Legendary Item: Boots of Feather Falling

Sundering of the Warlock's Tower - Chris Cold

Thaumaturge Wrangle the depths of magic itself
Gear: three Magic Words, fancy robes, ?

A The Craft: You can create spells on-the-fly out of the Magic Words you know. You must use exactly [dice] Words in any spell, or [dice]+1 Words if you spend a full round preparing. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C Misspell: You can twist and gently break Magic Words while casting. Temporarily swap or add a letter, each change adds +1 CD to the spell. +1 MD
D Pick one Word you know. When you cast a spell with it as the main component, you can break one spellcasting rule. For example, accruing Chaos Dice, Mishaps on doubles, or Dooms on triples. +1 MD

You can learn more Magic Words by breaking apart spells, extracting them from magical artefacts, or distilling an interesting item at a nexus of power.

Common Magic Words: 1. Fire, 2. Water, 3. Earth, 4. Air, 5. Metal, 6. Plant, 7. Light, 8. Dark, 9. Move, 10. Force, 11. Form, 12. Shape, 13. Command, 14. Orb, 15. Strike, 16. Ward, 17. Absorb, 18. Create, 19. True, 20. False

You don't have to use this list, you can use any interesting collection of Words, grab a Word from a nearby book, or ask a friend to pick.

// Opt: Only one copy of each word exists

  1. Every time you use a Magic Word you know in conversation, you will probably cast it as a spell
  2. ?
  3. If you don't know the Magic Word for something, you can't interact with it. If you don't know "Air", you stop breathing. If you don't know "Earth" you fall towards the centre of the planet. If you don't know "Fire" the sun stops warming you

Herald [noun] for the [noun] God!
Gear: holy symbol (your patron can look through it whenever they wish), blessed weapon, ?

A Bring the domain of your godly patron into this realm, permanently changing [sum] nearby features. +1 MD
B Take on [dice] major aspects of your patron for [sum] rounds. +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

Hierophant Yes, you're cursing my bloodline for all eternity, but with which curse exactly?
Gear: Spell from religion, spell from opposing religion, bag of religious symbols

A Speak with Deities. You can speak with any number of Deities, even at the same time, normally this would cause aneurysms and spontaneous combustion. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D The Divine Comedy: ? +1 MD // something to do with making up details about religions

You can learn new spells by extracting them from spiritual creatures. Priests and cardinals count, so long as you've got enough of them, but their gods work better

CROW - Liang Mark

Shaman Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why they call it, "the present"
Gear: Two spells, psychic drugs (very weird), no shoes

A Speak with Birds, Beasts, Fish and Bugs. +1 MD
B ? +1 MD
C ? +1 MD
D ? +1 MD

You can learn more spells by going on spirit journeys in interesting places
  1. Insect Swarm: Multiply the number of insects in a swarm by x[sum+dice]
  2. Find the Way
  3. Summon Pack: If you have made an animal friend, summon [sum] of their pack members
  4. Dream Realm

Doom: You turn into an animal of your choice for 1 day / 3 days / forever. While an animal, you cannot think thoughts using language.

Saint Go in peace
Gear: Sanctify, random Angel, vestments

A Speak with Divinity (it might not always answer back). +1 MD
B By Faith Alone: You can pray instead of eating food and still heal. +1 MD
C The Word: Counts as any spell you need it to be, requires a minimum of 3 MD to cast. It's also a pretty major sin to use it without justification. +1 MD
D Miracle: Works once. +1 MD

Get more angels (spells) following you by meeting them and convincing them of your worth. The Pope has at least five, last I heard.
  1. Sanctify: Make [dice] objects or locations deal [sum] damage per round to anything evil that touches it. Last until you cast this spell again
  2. Forgive: Heal [sum] damage taken from a single wound. This can bring back the recently slain, but it's rarely a good idea
  3. Turn Undead: [sum] undead, starting with the weakest, must flee or cower from you. Intelligent undead feel fear and cannot attack you directly
  4. Aegis: Reduce the damage from an attack by [sum]x[dice]
  5. Penitence: [sum] targets feel the full weight of their sins. Each sin fills one inventory slot. They can take 1d6 damage to shrug each sin off
  6. Call the Saints: Brings back the spirit of a sacred figure for a time. If you have a holy reliquary, it calls that particular spirit for [sum]x[dice] minutes. Otherwise, a random spirit is summoned for [sum]x[dice] rounds

  1. Receive a Divine Quest. Once you've completed it, reset your Doom to 0
  2. If you haven't completed the Divine Quest, the spell fails and you gain 3 CD for the rest of the day
  3. If you haven't completed the Divine Quest, the spell fails and you lose all spellcasting forever

Acrobat Watch closely. I'm only going to do this once.
Gear: staff, rope, juggling balls
You need to be unencumbered and not wearing armour to use Acrobat abilities

A Learn three of the following tricks: Perfect balance, use your feet like hands, sword/fire eating, juggle anything, flips, blind knife-throwing, keepy-offy, contortion
B Double Jump: You can jump a second time while mid-air. You need to have both feet on solid ground before you use this again
C Backflip: So long as you haven't been damaged or made an attack this round, you can backflip whenever you want. This is enough to dodge at least one melee attack you can see coming
D Flow: Whenever someone misses an attack against you or you critically succeed, you can take an action

Bonus: Keep track of the sickest stunt you've ever pulled. You can add it on as a flourish at the end of any other sick stunt you successfully accomplish

Trickster Oh, what fun this all is!
Gear: Smoke bomb, itching powder, glue, bells, string

A Pratfall: Once per round, not on your turn, trip or disarm a nearby enemy
B Off-Stage: You can walk out of the current scene, and re-emerge from a strange location at a later point
C Instead of taking damage, you can trip, drop something important, and/or generally make a fool of yourself. Doesn't work if you have fallen over
D Master Prankster: When you trip someone, send them staggering in a direction of your choice. When you disarm or pickpocket someone, you can seamlessly replace the stolen item with something of your choice

Bonus: Keep track of the funniest and deadliest prank you've pulled, ?

Scout If you was from, where I was from? You'd be fucking dead.
Gear: reliable boots, pickaxe, ?

Wearing medium armour or heavier prevents you using Scout abilities.

A Dash: You can make a second move action each round, allowing you to move twice as fast as anyone else. You can make this second move at any time during a round, not just on your turn
B Dodge: So long as you spend your full turn dodging an attack or trap you can see coming, you can't be hit. This might involve you having to run a fair way
C Anyone you are flanking takes x2 damage from the first attack that hits them
D ?

Bonus: ?

Brigand Now then, nobody needs to get hurt.
Gear: Three concealed weapons

A Stand and Deliver: If someone is frightened or intimidated by you, your first attack each round always hits
B Looking Out For Number One: If something bad is going to happen to you, you can Pass The Buck to a nearby ally in a position to suffer in your place. After that, they can choose to become a Gang-Member. A Gang-Member can Pass The Buck to you, or any other Member
C Brutality: You are three times as effective at exploiting the weak points of foes
D Folk "Hero": If you die under unpublicised circumstances, one of your Gang-Members can take up your mantle, taking on your name and symbols. They become you, in all ways that matter

Bonus: ?

Assassin He could be any one of us...
Gear: dagger, poison, grapple-hook and rope

A Sneak Attack: For each situational benefit that would grant you advantage on the attack, you can deal +d6 damage instead. Max of [level]+1 at the same time
B Sidle: You can remain stealthy even while sprinting, climbing, or jumping
C Retroactive Disguise: You can sneak away and go "into disguise". At any later point, reveal that you were any nameless NPC in the background
D Fatality: ?

Bonus: ?

Ranger There is something strange at work in this land.
Gear: shortbow, boomerang, rope

A Favoured Terrain: Pick or roll (d6): 1. Grassland, 2. Desert, 3. Mountains, 4. Forest, 5. Coastal, 6. Tundra. You can interpret the flora, fauna, weather and landscape of that region as if you could speak to it. Whenever you search in your terrain, you always find something of use
B On The Hunt: Choose something as your target, you have advantage on all rolls against it. You can't choose a new target until it's dead, captured, or you spend a while brooding
C ?
D Slayer: You can make one attack that deals 1d6 HD in damage

Bonus: Whenever you reach a new location, you have a 1% chance of it becoming another Favoured Terrain (?)

Sharp This one is my favourite. I'm sure you'll figure out why soon
Gear: Bandoleer of ten knives, bag of ten knives, ten more knives hidden on your person

A When an enemy you can see makes an attack on someone other than you, and you're holding a knife, you can throw it at them
B Precision: For each second you spend aiming a knife at something that isn't moving, you get a stacking +1 bonus to the attack roll
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?

Squire Watch Out Milord!
Gear: spare shield, spare sword, spare helmet

A Mentor: Choose another adventurer. They gain +1 Level while you are alive and assisting them, to a max of level 4. You get their Level 1 ability (this never gives you MD). If they die or retire, you can swap any Squire levels to their class
B AHHHH: When you're surprised or terrified, or your Mentor is attacked, you can make a free extra attack at the source
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?

Expert Best in the business
Gear: extensive toolkit, suitable work attire, rope

A Professionals Have Standards: When you do your Job, and have the time/resources/attention to do it properly, any success becomes a critical success, and any failure becomes success at a cost. The more specific your Job, the less you need to do it "properly"
B Combatant: Somehow, you can use your job in combat. This almost never gives you the time to do a proper job
C Shortcuts: When you lean on eldritch tricks and gimmicks, add [highest] to rolls while doing your job. Watch out! There's no substitute for hard work. +1 MD
D Supernal Technique: You've mastered a brand new skill relating to your job, nobody else alive can do it, and nobody dead could do it half as well as you can

  1. Archeologist
  2. Engineer
  3. Carpenter
  4. Burglar
  5. Chef
  6. Merchant
  7. Blacksmith
  8. Barber-Surgeon

Bonus: Keep track of your resume of achievements, as well as any qualifications in your field ?

Bearer It was a relic of an ancient time, the secret of its making long-lost
Gear: reliable boots, token of home, ?

A Gain a powerful magic item of your choice. If you should lose it, the next time you complete any kind of quest you'll find it again, somehow
B You can use your Item in a totally different way than anyone else
C Add [sum] to the effectiveness of your item. +1 MD
D Lose all your levels, gain 2 in a different class. Keep the magic item

Bonus: ?

The Deep Forest - Anato Finnstark

Monster Tamer Sit. Roll over. Good boy!
Gear: Monstrous Companion, Monstrous Egg, sack of treats

A So long as a monster eats meat, sleeps, and can't talk, you can tame it with as much difficulty as a dog. Any of those requirements missing makes it harder to train. You can give one free command per round, applying to as many companions as you want. Commands have up to [level] words and can include pointing
B Protective: You and your companions can choose to act as armour for each other
C Tandem Attack: When any two party members make melee attacks against the same target, and either hit, the target decides whether they take an extra 1d6 damage, are tripped, or disarmed
D ?

Assorted Beasties // Should these even have stats? Roughly 3 HD
  1. Basilisk, chomp 1d8, stare -1d6 DEX at end of round
  2. Devil Horse, impale 2d6, kick d4/d4, evil aura
  3. Arachnoid, hi DEX, bite d6+poison, shoot web
  4. Eagle Lord, hi WIS, peck and claw d6/d6
  5. Greater Land Octopus, hi INT, 1d6 attacks per round, 2 damage or grapple
  6. Dinosaur
  7. Tank Crab, hi STR, hi CON, lo DEX, claw d6, plate armour
  8. Gelatinous Cube, engulfed take d6 damage per round // Doesn't sleep
  9. Rust Monster, bite d6, antennae rusts one metal item per round
  10. Displacer Beast
  11. Mimic
  12. Hover Shark
  13. Owlbear
  14. Pistol Scorpion, hi WIS, hi DEX, shoot d6, claw d6
  15. Just An Ordinary Hippo, trample 1d12, maul 3d4
  16. Hammerhead Rhino, hi STR, lo WIS, charge 1d8/1d8, thick hide
  17. Hyper-Sloth
  18. Cheshire Panther
  19. Quad-Tusked Micro-Elephant (this one is smarter than you, and has chosen you as a pet)
  20. Three Baboons

While you are in terrain that can support your companion, assume they find enough food every day to look after themselves.

Bonus: ?

Gambler Just one more round, I can feel it!
Gear: lucky token, one soul (lightly used), dagger

A Double Or Nothing: Whether you fail or succeed a roll, you can always request to Double or Nothing the result. Only once per roll
B Thief of Fate: Whenever you see someone roll a critical success, you can turn it into a critical failure and gain a Luck Point // Heal d6? More points if it's an ally/neutral?
C Just My Lucky Day: Once, ever, you can declare that today is your Lucky Day. Any dice you roll today will come up critical successes. There are several other benefits, and several weird side-effects. The first dice you roll after a Lucky Day is a critical failure
D ?

Bonus: Getting another Lucky Day requires you to do something truly, utterly dreadful. I won't put the details here, but suffice to say, it's a messy business. Some Gamblers will stock up and have an entire Lucky Week. The comedown usually results in death.

Noble If you are polite, I may let you clean my boots
Gear: Three hirelings, absolutely no money

A Inspiring: Everyone has +5 to anything they specifically do to help you, or if they take your specific suggestion on how to do it
B Rousing Speech: ?
C ?
D ?

Bonus: Your family is a distant relative of some supreme power. Your family is 3d6 steps away from the ruling line, and you have 2d4-1 older siblings. If you become the actual ruler, you Win The Game (I didn't even know that was an option until just now).

This Way! - Asur Misoa

Venturer This is probably going to be fine
Gear: three Unmarked Packages, one large, one small and expensive, one sharp (declare the contents when opened)

A Hidden Talents: After you roll a critical success, you have advantage to that specific kind of roll, forever. Up to three hidden talents
B Second Story Work: You can climb without equipment as easily as with it. If a climb would be impossible, you have a chance if you've got equipment
C At All Costs: If the entire party is slain, doomed, or otherwise entirely removed, you survive it. Potentially at a major cost, but survived
D Gain a capstone ability from another class of your choice

Bonus: ?

Dream Path - Anato Finnstark

Wanderer I've been everywhere
Gear: tent-cloak, staff, compass

A Problem Solver: You roll an automatic critical success on the first course of action you actively take in each new location
B Stern Glare: Your disapproving stare can deal 1d4 non-lethal psychic damage, up to 1d8 if they should really know better or have promised not to do the thing they just did
C Uncrackable Patience: ?
D ?

Bonus: Wanderers are always good at looking after themselves. They can leave the party, go about their business, and return to the party at any later time.

Cannoneer Fire in the hole!
Gear: Cannon (4d6), two assistants, barrel of gunpowder (10 shots)

A It normally takes 15 actions to reload a cannon. For you, and trained assistants, it only takes 5. If you have untrained helpers, 10 rounds
B Bombard's Eye: If you miss a stationary or nearly stationary target, your next shot against it has a +5 bonus. This bonus stacks with successive misses
C ?
D ?

Bonus: Magic Cannons.

Shifter Really glad I'm not a dog right now, you reek
Gear: Three mundane Animal Forms

A The Change: You can transform yourself into any of the Animal Forms you know, not bringing any equipment along. You can only transform once per round, and must be in human form before changing. You are stricken by appropriate animal instincts for at least the first round after changing, stranger creatures have stronger instincts. Touching silver deals you damage while you are Shifted. No matter what, your eyes always look the same in any Form.
B Red In Tooth: ?
C You can choose to shift partially into a Form. Transforming into two Forms at the same time is risky, as you suffer both sets of animal instincts
D The Return: You can transform as many times in a round as you want, and no longer need to return to human form between

  1. Dog
  2. Wolf
  3. Rabbit
  4. Boa Constrictor
  5. Goat
  6. Magpie
  7. Elk
  8. Bear

Bonus: If you wrestle a wild beast to the ground and eat it, you learn it as an Animal Form. This is the traditional method of learning new Forms, there may be others.

Bard Here's a little something I've been working on
Gear: instrument, scimitar, ?

A When you encourage someone to do something heroic, humourous or noteworthy, they have advantage to do it, and/or disadvantage to do anything else
B Muse: Once you've made a song, poem, or other artwork about something, you have +[sum] on all rolls to use it or against it, and can cast it a little like a spell. +1 MD
C ?
D ? +1 MD
// Depending on the C and D abilities, Bard either gets 2 MD or 3 MD

Bonus: ?

Rat Master Come to me my furry friends, and destroy mine enemies!
Gear: flute, rope, ?

A Summon the Swarm: In any location with rats, you can leave a gift of food and bring 1d6 rats to your side. You can talk to your swarm, and communicate passably with all small mammals. Your swarm obeys you religiously, but will be upset if you set them on suicidal tasks
B Rodent Gossip: ? // Rat Mapping, but more generic
C Transfer Affliction: You can transfer a disease, poison or curse onto 1d6 willing rats. They will curse your name, but they'll do it
D ?

Morningstar Now, what seems to be troubling you?
Gear: horns, forked tongue (speak with snakes), ?

A Everything you say while making direct eye-contact is as Suggestion, but only if your request is something they already want to do. Alternatively, you can Suggest they don't do a particularly onerous task. It can never stop them indulging a vice.
B Sample the Soul: The first time you physically touch someone, receive a vision of their worst, most Dreadful Secret. If this is the worst vision you've ever beheld, Save vs. Stun. You can't turn this ability off. Some Dreadful Secrets can be cast like spells. +1 MD
C Reminds Me Of Home: You are immune to fire damage, being set completely on fire counts as Lunch
D Rebirth: ? +1 MD

Bonus: ?

Cunning Corvid Caw
Gear: bright beady eyes, wings, beak and claws (as dagger)

You can fly as fast as a man can run. You've got a maximum of 1 HP, but only critical hits hit you. You only have one full-sized item slot

A Exoculate: Instead of dealing damage with your beak and claws, you can remove a random facial feature, 1-2. Eye, 3-4. Ear, 5. Nose, 6. Tongue
B Distracting: If you're flapping in someone's face, they have disadvantage to everything, and might not be able to take some actions at all
C Familiar: You can grant an allied spellcaster your MD, or cast on their behalf. Choose a spell they could've learned at first level, they can cast it while you're sitting on their shoulder. +1 MD
D Flawless Mimicry: You can mimic human speech perfectly after hearing it once, you never forget a voice or a face

Bonus: ?

Vampire I vant to suck your blahd!
Gear: ?, ?, ?

A Gain fangs. Replace all your bodily requirements with blood. Every time you drain someone to death, gain/improve a vampiric power, and gain/increase a vampire weakness
B Immortal: You no longer age
C Take on aspects of the meals you consume
D Blood Lord: ?

Bonus: If you manage to develop a very particular taste, when you drink from the same type you can choose which vampiric powers you improve

Voidtouched Nope, nothing weird about it at all
Gear: grapple-hook and rope, bag of chalk, random potion

A You can never be harmed by, or benefit from, any kind of magic. You also interact weirdly with some magical structures, for instance your reflection does not appear in any magic mirror.
B Anything you are currently touching is also immune to Active Magic
C ?
D ?

The player should always be on the lookout, if they remind the DM that an effect shouldn't apply to their character, reality will snap back into the correct alignment.

Opt: The Voidtouched is completely immune to all magic, and magical items, the Voidtouched does not exist as far as they are concerned.

The Extras Arright boys, let's show them what for!
Gear: ten copies of one standard item (you need x10 as much equipment for it to count as "worn")

A Many Hands: Rather than being just one character, you are a nebulous swarm of similar creations. Each point of HP lost is one body out of action. Single-target attacks deal minimum damage. You still only get one action each round, and consume one ration per day
B Named Role: One of your number is now a discrete individual with a basic personality. If the rest of The Extras are currently doing something, the Named Role can act individually, giving you two actions per round. Gain an extra Named Role each level. If all The Extras die, each Named Role survives at half HP
C ?
D ?

Standard Items
  1. Sword
  2. Spear
  3. Rope
  4. Pickaxe
  5. Light armour
  6. Shield

Stagehand Hello, are you there? There's been some kind of terrible mistake. I'm in some kind of... blogpost?
Gear: three more random items

A The character can speak with you, the player, whenever they want. Also, you can take actions during monologues and descriptions of enemies/scenery
B You can see the stats of any creature you look at if you focus on it for long enough
C ? // Something to do with editing the character sheet, if you replace the name of an NPC with your own name you become them?
D ?

Bonus: ? // Capable of escaping the campaign world into other games?

Undying Oh no, not again
Gear: two gold coins, bouquet of dried flowers, shovel

A If you die without your body being completely destroyed, you come back to life an hour or so later. Each time you die this way, you lose 1d4 from a random stat. You've already lost 2 points from every stat
B Each of your limbs and other body parts can function while detached from the whole
C While you are "dead", or whenever you want, your ghost can separate from your corpse
D If you eat someone with a high stat, restore 1d4 points you've lost from that stat

Bonus: ?

Draconoid I am fire! I am death! Actually, I'm more of a mixture of Acid and Ghosts
Gear: spear, ?, ?

Roll twice and combine for [element]: 1-5. Fire, 6. Water, 7. Ice, 8. Lightning, 9. Thunder, 10. Acid, 11. Poison, 12. Darkness, 13. Light, 14. Ghosts, 15. Plants, 16. Blood, 17. Metal, 18. Bugs, 19. Sand, 20. Drugs

A BLAAARGH: You can spray [element] out of your face. This deals you 1 damage and hits whatever is directly in front of your for [level]d6. If you breath in at the start of the round, the resultant blast is much larger. This causes you to glow ominously etc. and may warn enemies
B Wings: You can fly now. You have halved inventory while flying. Whenever you takeoff, or spend a long time flying, you gain 1 Fatigue. Landing and aerial manoeuvres require a DEX check each time
C You can manipulate [element] in new ways, it leaps to attend your every word. Elements have their own desires, and will be especially attentive when you instruct upon those desires
D ?

Bonus: If you create a large enough Hoard, you will start to metamorphose into a full dragon. The real dragons hate when this happen, and will probably come and kill you for your impudence

Bell Thief Speak softly, and carry a big stick
Gear: bell jar, weird accordion, dagger

A While hearing a noise, or just before it occurs, you can close a hand and prevent it from going any further. You can open a hand to release the noise again, or spend some time stuffing it into a bell jar. You can release a noise bit by bit, out of order, or all at once in a sudden and violent burst
B ?
C ?
D ?
// Trap noises with just one finger

Soul Thief (a.k.a Mana Thief) What's yours is mine
Gear: ?, ?, ?

A You can steal intangible stuff from people, like thoughts, names or spells. So long as you've seen what you want to steal in action, you can plan how to nick it. This usually requires a distraction, a bit of luck, and for it to be in use at the time
B You can now steal intangibles from creatures and objects, not just people
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?
// Plus MD?

Scavenger Look at all this treasure!
Gear: hooked pole, ?, ?

A Always find something interesting when you go poking through piles of junk. When you find treasure, you receive extra loot. Both effects increase with level
B Flighty: If you choose not to attack in a round your armour counts as plate. This only applies if you can see your enemies. Separately, you're immune to cursed items so long as you haven't actually used the item yet
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ? // Prized Possession? Or maybe this is C ability

Swashbuckler Ah, but you have heard of me
Gear: cutlass, badly-trained parrot, ?

A You have excellent balance and are unfazed by moving or difficult terrain. You have advantage on rolls against anyone who is effected by moving or difficult terrain, and automatically succeed under particularly hazardous situations
B ?
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?

Blood Priest The prayers must flow...
Gear: two spells, ritual dagger

A Flowing Power: Once per round, when a living creature suffers physical damage, you can gain a Blood Charge with [power] equal to the HP lost. Blood Charges are measured separately. You can retain [level] Blood Charges out-of-combat. Spend a Blood Charge to fuel a spell. Damage from your spells or dealt to your creatures doesn't count for acquiring charges
B Burning Heart: Take 1 damage to cast a spell fuelled by two Blood Charges, or 5 damage to cast a spell fuelled by three
C ?
D ?

Spells can be learned by sacrificing really large Blood Charges at particular sites
  1. Ravening Red: Deal [power] unblockable damage, +1d6 if they are below half HP
  2. Intravenous Prayer: Heal [power] HP. If the Blood Charge came from an interesting creature, this might have additional effects
  3. Scab Beast: Create a creature with [power]/2 HD. It is likely to be confused and distressed by this reality
  4. Haemogoblins: Create [power] gremlins. Anything fleshy they kill will sprout another 1d[power] haemogoblins

Bottle Cleric (a.k.a. Dungeon Hacker) Hail, ghost! I am a cleric of your religion, or perhaps a descendant of yours! I've come to set things right!
Gear: Two bottled ghosts, ten empty bottles

A Whenever you reach a new place where people have died or been buried, you will meet the friendliest (or least hostile) ghost. If you complete a Suitable Service for them, they will join you in a bottle. Each new ghost grants an additional Ghostly Power
B If you activate two ghosts at once, it has triple the normal effect. If you own three ghosts of the same type, you gain a passive ability
C ?
D World of Ghosts ?
// Too many alternate names for this one: Ghost Wizard, Ghost Commander, Psychopomp, Exorcist, Bottle Witch, Ectoplasmiscist

Suitable Service
  1. Give me an appropriate burial. Find the body (it could be undead), bury it outside the dungeon, and give them a funeral
  2. Give someone else an inappropriate burial. Find the body, desecrate it
  3. Avenge me!
  4. Transport my remains.
  5. Bring some item to my surviving family.
  6. Consecrate some room in the dungeon.

Ghostly Powers. Each bottled ghost can be activated 1/day, recharging at midnight
  1. Analyse
  2. Clairvoyance
  3. Control Undead
  4. Light / Dark
  5. Lock / Unlock
  6. Map

Half-Djinn Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space
Gear: lamp, fanciful hairstyle, ?

A When you hear a sentence that starts with "I wish" you can take 1d10 damage to make it come true. It will always, always be granted in an ironic, self-defeating way, so plan accordingly. Complicated requests count as multiple wishes dealing Xd10 damage
B You can now make wishes yourself
C ?
D ?

Bonus: ?

Truenamer The pathway to abilities some consider to be... unnatural
Gear: ?, ?, ?

A Draw up to 10 random letter tiles each morning, swap 3 to get a letter of your choice. Spell a word or phrase using the letters and the world will react to make it happen, using up the letters
B Choose a word you have spelled at least once. So long as you have the first letter, it counts as the entire word. +5 letters
C When you hear a spell being cast, you can add or replace letters with tiles. +5 letters
D If you spell the full name of someone, you can either control or destroy their soul. Peasants and animals have one name, adventurers at least two names, and nobles three. Dragons and Gods will have four, five, more or none. +10 letters

Truenaming always has a major impact on the world, but it might not be what you were aiming for. FIRE will set something alight at random, but BURN DOOR is more accurate. Simple, subtle and specific requests are more likely to work correctly, especially when using more tiles. Complex or blunt commands can result in your intentions being twisted, but it will always have a major effect on the world.

Least Priest And the Lord stood by my side, and spake thus: Uh, hi there, woah, what a crowd!"
Gear: Sacred symbol, sacred vestments, sacred weapon

A You are the one and only remaining believer of a deity. They follow you around, and can negotiate on your behalf with other gods. If you die or stop believing in them, they also "die". You can invoke their miracles at any time, which grow stronger the more true and fervent believers you acquire
B ?
C ?
D ?

Standard Miracles (X = number of true believers)
  • Smite: 1dX damage, X against active blasphemers
  • Heal: 1dX HP, once per person, resets if they attend a sermon
  • Bless or Curse: Can only effect something with X/2 HP or less

Dreamer To sleep, perchance to dream, and hopefully awaken in the same body
Gear: soothing tea (for dreamless sleep), delightful herbs, suspicious mushrooms (three doses of each)

A Anything you hallucinate or dream becomes "real", for some measure of reality. If you aren't using soothing tea, you have a 50% chance of dreaming each night
B If you give someone drugs of any sort, you can cause then to have the same reality-altering dreams as you
C ?
D ?

Dreams, roll three times and combine
  1. Whatever you were talking about before sleep
  2. Whatever you were thinking strongly about while falling asleep
  3. The scariest thing you saw yesterday
  4. The scariest thing you've ever seen
  5. The weirdest thing you saw yesterday
  6. The weirdest thing you've ever seen
  7. The thing you are most afraid of
  8. The thing you most want in the world

Black Knight Escort - James Daly

Princess It was all very well to say "Drink me," but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. "No, I’ll look first," she said, "and see whether it’s marked 'poison' or not"
Gear: various fancy and useless articles of clothing, a lost birthright, innocence (as medium armour against non-witches)

A Ingenious Heir: Your hair functions as magic rope, growing 20ft per day. It is immune to everything except magic or true love. +1 MD
B Errant Knights: Any Knight you encounter falls in True Love with you. If you reject them, they immediately retire and will never know happiness. If two of your Knights meet, they must duel to the death
C Shield of Love: If you would die, one of your Knights dies in your place
D ? +1 MD

Bonus: You can learn a how to make charms
  • One charm every time you end an evil witch
  • One charm the first time you marry
  • Two charms if you regain your throne

Sage A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to
Gear: reliable walking staff, fancy-yet-practical hat, ?

A Thoroughly-Learned: When any question is posed, you probably know the answer. If not, you know how to find out, even if the process is long and arduous. If you learn any spells, you can cast them as cantrips with 0 MD
B Hidden Depths: When you closely inspect something or something that doesn't look particularly special, you can always figure out if it is special, and in what way
C Worldly: You can hear the voices of the wind, the mountains, the forests, and ancient places. You can't speak their language (yet), but you know what they mean when they talk to you
D Legendary Magic: Learn any spell of your choice. +4 MD, but you can only cast spells with 0 or all MD. You are immune to Mishaps

Drop to 0 HP, and in addition:
  1. A peaceful and mighty kingdom turns towards conquest.
  2. The spirits of the land begin to depart, in the years to come only those too weak or mindless will remain
  3. The end of this Age begins in earnest

Curse Eater What a horrible night to have a curse
Gear: Random curse, curse of your choice, bottle of opium

A Gain a new ability every time you contract a new curse from a new source
B You can inflict curses you are suffering with a touch, it has [sum] potency. +1 MD
C With a touch, you can extract a curse from an object or creature and turn it into a monster. Kill it and eat the body to gain the curse
D ? +1 MD

// If buff needed, +1 MD at C, but probably not
// Random curse button?
// Get 10 curses? Get a curse from every god and cleric you meet?

Psion War is won first in the mind, then the world
Gear: incense, ?, ?
You have 1 Focus slot, taking damage temporarily empties it

A You have an extra telekinetic arm. Focus to make it twice as long/strong/dexterous
B Pick a stat to Enhance, while you Focus on it treat that stat as doubled. +1 Tele-arm
C +2 Focus slots. +1 Tele-arm. +1 Enhanced Stat
D Psychic Storm: Permanently break a Focus to cause a directed catastrophe in the local area. +1 Tele-arm. +1 Enhanced Stat

Bonus: If you face a psychic opponent, you can engage in a Mind Duel. Play a game of one minute bullet chess, the loser keels over and dies. Winning earns you more pawns for future Mind Duels.

Villain Muahahaha...!
Gear: magnificent facial hair, hapless minion, secret escape method

A Dastardly Plots: Whenever you hinder, inconvenience, betray or sabotage a group (especially the PC party), it is automatically successful. However, anyone effected gains a Fateful Coincidence that they can cash in to be automatically successful later. You're immune to Fateful Coincidences
B "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me!": When you flee the consequences of your actions, anyone pursuing you loses the trail and gains a Fateful Coincidence
C Monologue: ? +1 MD
D "Witness Mortals! As I ASCEND TO GODHOOD!": Devise an unwieldy and obnoxious ritual to achieve ultimate power. Once it is completed, you can become the DM as a full-round action. If it fails, you learn a valuable lesson about humility and friendship. Your Dastardly Plots can now be mild pranks and still grant a Fateful Coincidence

Bonus: ?

Numinous Spirit Such wonders, such delights!
Gear: a Harsh Lesson, a Unique Insight, and a Cryptic Observation

A Quasi-Material: You don't have a proper physical body. You don't need to eat, drink or breathe. You can float, and take min damage from physical attacks. You can only carry two physical items at a time, and can't go far from the party. All magical effects on you are increased, including your ability to interact with magical auras and items
B Learn one spell that matches your are of Spiritual Prowess. You can also cast spells that are similar, by adding one or more Chaos Dice. +1 MD
C ?
D ? +1 MD

Bonus: All Numinous Spirits walk (or float) the land for a particular purpose. You might not know yours yet. If you achieve it, thoroughly and to your own satisfaction, you depart this realm. Your next character can reach level 5 and the mysterious E tier.

Soothsayer I have no memory of this place...
Gear: musical instrument, courtly weapon, ?

The works of the Soothsayer are shrouded in secrecy. The information you learn or create using your powers must remain hidden, only communicated in hints and references. If the other players, or any NPCs, learn of the information directly, something terrible will happen and the knowledge will become false in some way

A When the DM rolls on a random table, you can ask to take a look at the list
B At the start of each session, secretly suggest something to the DM that will appear in this session. If it is too extreme, it may appear in later sessions instead
C When you take a look at a random table, you can make an adjustment to one item in the list
D ?

Bonus: ?

Assorted Divine Beings, Godly Patrons and Powerful Figures
  1. The Thunderer
  2. Giggler & Gobbler
  3. The Eternal Penitent
  4. The Wicked Wyld
  5. The Enlightened One
  6. Lord of the Forge
  7. That Which Is Night
  8. Exalted Solaris
  9. The King in Yellow
  10. Gloaming Between
  11. The Queen of Hearts
  12. Two Auld Crows
  13. Chaos Realm
  14. The Last Dawn
  15. A Dream of Fire
  16. Death
  17. WAR DOG
  18. The Squirming, Shuddering Dark
  19. She-Of-Perfect-Fangs-And-Scales
  20. "Myself"
  21. The Sea
  22. The Great Fungal Moon
  23. Spiders
  24. Father Hoarfrost