Monday, June 7, 2021


You don't know what year it is, and perhaps nobody does. Your life has been one of countless hardship, and to be drafted into the Army of the Eternal Saviour is just one more blow. Beside you, in the dank hold of the dropship, sit your "comrades". Perhaps you even know some of their names. Equipment clanks. Unintelligible messages pass back and forth. The Front approaches, and in the grim darkness of the eternal present, there is only war.

SNAFU is about ordinary soldiers, drafted into an endless, pointless war in space. It's a gory meatgrinder, aiming for fast character creation and chaotic battles. Bring spares.

"For the Saviour!"
(kindly ignore that the enemy troops are also yelling "For the Saviour!", they are all heretics and traitors)