Finders Keepers

Into-the-Odd/GLOG/Knave fusion, fuelled by thousands of blogposts, loot lists and concepts respectfully stolen from the scene.

In Space
Additional Info

Die Trying

No classes. No levels. Reward shenanigans. Nobody is owed tomorrow. Progression is handled by the novel "X" advancement system, leading to strange characters that evolve as they are played.

X Advancement Guide


Owlbear Stew, a mostly-standard GLOGhack with only two classes, Fighter and Mage. Extra Content, Reversed Owlbear Stew

Nameless Legends of GLOG, a mostly standard GLOGhack with one-hundred and eleven classes, at last count.

Spwack's Baseline GLOG Ruleset
GLOG Magic Dice Primer
Ancestral Classes
GLOG Delta Fighter [WIP]

Fantasy Games

Once More 2: Unto The Breach
Fighting focused microgame that parodies "builds" a little, gonzo and very gameified.

One Million Swords
Weird bidding combat mechanics combined with a large list of magical swords.

The world was saved, but it didn't stay saved. Now we have to implant devils into our souls to fight demons. This can only go well.

Calamitous Carnage & Sagacious Swordcery
The world is ending. It may already be too late. The carnage will never end. The swordcery is not enough. Begin...
(A high-powered fantasy romp against world-shaking threats. Resolution mechanics not included.)

Dungeon Level Zero [WIP]
Weapon of Choice [WIP]

Magic Games

Shitty Wizard Duels. Fast and chaotic spell casting word-game.

"Do My Bidding You Loathsome Fiends, Lest I Blast You Into Smithereens!"
You're the familiars, artefacts, spells and minions of a Very Busy Wizard, and he has a very large list of tasks for you. Be off with ye!

Yon Practical Magicks [WIP]

Sci-Fi Games

"Travel the universe, meet ordinary people, get killed by them."

Space Is A Dangerous Place: Bring The Right Tool For The Wrong Job
In the future, 99.9% of all missions requiring force can be better solved by a pile of cash, or a missile or cash. The remaining 0.1% of missions are, to put it lightly, weird. You're a post-human operative dealing with errands off the far end of the bell-curve, and need to be just as weird.

Star Tweakers
Beauty is only skin deep. Wisdom is about an inch below that. Strength comes from within, so long as it's suitably tempered by calibrated steroidal blocks. Intelligence can be roughly approximated with a fast enough internet connection. Welcome to the future! You'll love it here! [WIP]

Batteries Not Included
Card-based robot building.

You Don't Make Friends With Magnets
Half a game, create mechs with procedurally generated weaponry, wreck havoc on kaiju, your enemies and/or your friends. Minimal rules, further development to come.

Reactor Breach
It's The Future. Oh No. You have a mechanised combat exosuit, and the urgent need to use it. You'll be fighting other mechs, giant monsters, friends, enemies, and yourself. Good thing the eject lever always* works.

Shadow Cabinet
"You may think the Minister of Defence is the most powerful military general on Earth, with all the warships and satellite lasers and stuff, but wait till you meet the Minister of Offence" [WIP]

Modern (?) Games

Uncertified Magic-Users, in which the real enemy was the capitalism we developed along the way. Deals with themes of burnout and hustle culture [WIP]

MEATJACKED, a Post-Orwellian retrofuturistic cyber-crawling alt-historical hack*-n-slash [WIP]


People, Magic, Mutations, Treasure


List to HTML Generator
Vector Dungeon

Dungeons and Locations

The Fool's Tower
Station H81 - "The Lost Property"


OSR Afterlives
Downtime Activities
Mad Muddled Magic
Missing Souls
Travel Rules
Death and Dismemberment
Occultum Alloys


What The Fuck Did I Do Last Night?
Potion Roulette


beep boop
Pico Cannon
Pico Factory
Auto Dungeon


OSR Social Challenges
Play-by-post Guidelines


The Pandora Protocols of Dr. Tomoyaki
"Have you been having trouble with your sleep?"
The greatest Slayer in the Realm
Soulmate Inc.
False Profit

Actual Play

Mission: Surgical Precision (Space Is A Dangerous Place)

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