Ancestral GLOG Classes


I am a dwarf and I'm digg-ing a hole...

Prerequisites: Level 2, be a dwarf or have lived amongst dwarves, make a comfortable home deep below the surface.

B Tunnel-Sense, Stocky
C Craftsdwarfship, Fey Mood
D Granite Flesh

You can speak with earth and rocks 1/day. Gain an additional use per day with every Delver template.

You don't move any slower for being moderately or heavily encumbered. Once you set yourself into a stance, you can't feasibly be knocked over.

Dwarven-made equipment you are holding or wearing never breaks, unless you have disrespected it somehow.

Fey Mood
When you gain this feature, you are struck with a plan for an artefact of immense value, as well as the skills necessary to create it. If you don't make any progress on it during downtime or when an opportunity arises, suffer 1 Stress (alt: take d6 psychic damage). Each month after completing it, you have a 1% chance to fall into another Fey Mood

Granite Flesh
Pick a specific damage type. So long as you aren't taken unawares, you are immune to that damage type.


"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of your philosophy. I should know. They all belong to me."

Prerequisites: Level 2, be an elf, be accepted into elvish culture, 13+ Charisma (or equivalent)

B Wood Elf, Pristine Origins
C Elegant Tools
D High Elf
E?   Restoration
F??  True Elf, +1 MD

Wood Elf
Traditionally, this allows you to move between tree canopies as easily as walking, and never be hindered by natural plant life. Other types of elves might be at home in different types of terrain.

Pristine Origins
If you awaken in a place of beauty, you gain 1 MD to use that day. Not taking action to remove disgusting things deals you 1 Stress.

Elegant Tools
Choose two elegant weapons, while using themyou can drop to 0 HP to critically hit instead of critically miss. Learn an elegant spell, like Charm Person or Suggestion.

High Elf
If you awaken in a place of extreme/unsurpassed beauty, you gain an extra 1/2 MD to use that day. You can reroll all the MD used in a spell 1/day.

This template is not normally acquirable through the standard levelling process.
You stop ageing. Your Constitution decreases by 2, all your other stats increase by 1d6. Certain truths are revealed to you by elvish society. Are you ready to be inducted into their ranks?

True Elf
It is entirely impossible to become a True Elf by any means.
All MD you hold increase to d10s. Create/discover six spells of your own choice. MD used in the spell you learned as an Elegant Tool are never expended.


"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Prerequisites: Level 2, be a human or have lived amongst humans, have permanently lost something dear to them.

B Endurance, Vengeance
C Endurance x2, Kinship
D Endurance x3, Ambition

Whether you are suffering from lack of food, water, air, warmth, coolth or any other environmental effect, until you are killed by it, you suffer no penalties or loss of function. Endurance x2 and x3 doubles/triples the amount of time taken until you die from one of the above.

Your first attack against an enemy that has destroyed something dear to you is automatically a critical hit.

If you and someone you deem a family-member both save against the same spell or other effect, you can both reroll the save and take the better value.

Learn a non-capstone ability from any other class.


Your name has become synonymous with uncontrollable devastation. Your ancestors were created from whole cloth, to fill a certain role. Your gods have abandoned you. You are the herald of no army. You are the army.

Prerequisites: Level 2, have gone through orcish rites of adulthood, have killed something that has dropped you to 0HP.

B Burn The Candle, Cleave
C Tribulation
D Living Weapon

Burn The Candle
You naturally heal twice as fast as normal, recover from diseases and injuries twice as quickly, and age twice as fast. You don't grow frail and sickly as you grow older, just fall over right in your prime. Certain medicines can suppress this ability, or even increase the effect.

If you defeat an enemy in honourable combat (or in another test of strength), and they would rout, they are instead more likely to want to join you and fight by your side.

Living Weapon
The round after you kill or defeat an enemy, you cannot drop below 1 HP. You might die from decapitation, immolation or instant death effects, but not from losing HP.

Scaled God

"Delicious morsels..."

Prerequisites: Level 2, be a kobold, dragonborn or other reptilian species, must have killed an ally or neutral simply for disrespecting you.

B Supreme Being, Hoard
C The Stare, +1 SB
D Overgrowth, +2 SB

Supreme Being
Choose one of the following body parts to improve, and one more for +SB:
  • Wings
  • Horns, Claws and Teeth
  • Limbs and Tail
  • Scales and Bones
  • Breath and Heart
  • Soul and Eyes
The exact nature of the improvement depends on what type of dragon you will eventually become, and should leave room for future growth.

If you make a pile of magic items, you can gain the benefits of those magic items wherever you are. Letting thieves and rats steal from your hoard will cause you to acquire Stress unless you pursue them.

The Stare
While you are staring at a creature you could easily kill, you can control what emotions they feel.

After eating a notably enemy, add more treasure to your Hoard, and spend time atop it, you grow larger. You gain 1d6ft of length, and test a stat for improvement (roll 3d6, if it's above that stat gain +1 permanently). If the enemy and treasure are very notable, you might even gain +1 SB.


"Relax. This won't hurt me a bit."

Prerequisites: Level 2, be a tiefling, or have ruined your soul in some fashion.

B Roiling Flesh
C Dread Beast OR Possession
D Incarnation

Roiling Flesh
Whenever you gain a mutation from any source, it is modified. It's appearances matches that of your fiendish ancestor, counts as an item, and has an accompanying 1/day power. Gain a mutation of your choice right now, and you can gain specific mutations through devouring and/or tempting to sin any holy or heroic person.

Dread Beast
You can create a corpse bonfire to summon a denizen of Hell with HD equal to 1/3rd of the total HD of the pile. You take damage equal to 1d6+[bodies]. The fire needs to be hot enough to melt whatever it is you are burning, and the bodies need to be fresh.

If a restrained or unconscious target fails a save, you can climb inside their body and mind. You can either have them veer towards decisions of your choosing while otherwise acting normally, or take complete clusmy control. Their body goes haywire while you are inside them, expect strange hungers and diseases.

Whenever you wish, or if you die, your body becomes a conduit for a greater sealed evil from Hell. Good luck everybody!



Prerequisites: Level 2, be an aasimar, or have your soul marked by heaven in some way.

B By Faith Alone, Put In A Good Word
C Heavenbound
D Mark of Dread

By Faith Alone
One of your mortal needs is allayed, and another mortal need with every Seraphim template. You can select it now, or choose later when your need is greater. Mortal needs include food, water, air, emotions (including tiredness), and needing light to see.

Put In A Good Word
Nobody who dies within shouting-distance of you ever automatically goes to Hell, their soul is always evaluated properly.

You can fly, in some way or another. Sins, in any form, weigh you down.

Mark of Dread
With a glance, a guesture and a short prayer, you can mark someone as an enemy of Heaven. Clerical healing spells harm them, they can be Turned like the undead, and they automatically go to Hell when they die (over-riding Put In A Good Word). If you mark someone who is genuinely a good person, there will be... Hell to pay.

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