Delta Fighter

(0) Born In Blood
Engage in single combat, fighting for your life, and survive
You no longer feel the need to flee combat or otherwise hide away like hirelings. When you leave a fight, you can do so with a modicum of poise, rather than fleeing wildly.

(Depending on the campaign setting, it might be assumed that all adventurers already have this)

(1) The Red Legacy
Kill a sentient being
Murder was the first sin committed on purpose. You can choose to be broken by it, and not take this Delta, suffering appropriate costs. You'll have to make this decision every time after that as well, taking more and more terrible costs. Or, you can take up the Red Legacy, and be Marked by it. Anyone that sees you knows you to be a Killer.

(1) Ten Thousand Blows
Spend a whole day with a masterful trainer practicing a single particular attack
A particular attack might be "overarm chops" or "charging thrusts" or "cowardly backstabs". You deal double damage with it. You can only have one type of attack practiced at a time, but you can swap between the ones you know with an hour of training.

(1) Ten Thousand Blocks
Spend a whole day with a masterful trainer, practicing blocking a particular attack
You take no damage from that type of attack. You can only have one type of block practiced at a time.

(1) Heart's Blood
Have an ally die in your arms, and avenge them
Whenever a foe attacks an ally while within your reach, you can make an attack against them first

(1) Instinct
Survive a deadly ambush
If you would be surprised by anything, you can choose to attack before you know what it is. A tap on the shoulder counts as being surprised.

(1) Screaming Ruin
Forget your allies, victory, even your own survival in pursuit of The Kill
You can attack recklessly, dealing and taking double damage

(1) Favourite
Pick a favourite weapon
You can only ever pick one favourite. If you lose it permanently, you also lose this Delta.

(1) Prowess
Win a duel
The first time you miss an attack in a fight, you can pull a slightly dishonourable trick and hit anyway.

(2) Slayer
Kill a hated enemy with a single blow
Whenever you damage a hated enemy, you can Mark them. Make two attacks per round against Marked enemies. If anyone else damages them, they are no longer Marked.

(2) Cleave
Defeat an entire nest, settlement, caravan etc. of a particular type of enemy
Whenever you kill an enemy, you can make an additional attack.

(2) Promise of Death
Have tales of your horrifying exploits told amongst your enemies
So long as you haven't drawn your weapon or been damaged, you can Stare. This deals non-lethal damage to enemies that are weaker than you. If they have attacked you but failed to inflict any harm, the effect of the Stare is doubled. If your Stare isn't working for some reason, you can tell.

(2) Spirit Warrior
For a week, eat no meat that you did not personally hunt and kill
Whenever you personally hunt and kill an animal, and treat the gift of life with the honour it deserves, you can take on part of its aspect.

(2) Bearer of Iron
Use a mystical weapon to kill its owner
You're immune to the effects of a cursed artefact that would cause you to be less violent than normal.

(2) To The Last
Lead your followers into battle, and have them all die fighting
If anything would prevent your actions or movement, it is ignored or massively reduced You can never be knocked unconscious, though you can be dazed. You can never be crippled, but you'll limp away. You can never be tied down, though you can be hobbled.

(2) Wretched Perfection
Abandon all tools and trades, all skills and talents, save those of War and Murder
You are proficient with all weaponry, armour, shields, siege engines, firearms, cannons, and any magical artefact of destruction that has a trigger.

If you take up any skill or trade apart from killing, you'll have forgotten more or less everything, and lose this Delta. Once you've done this, it takes more effort the next time around to learn this Delta again.

(2) Army of One
Take on a gang of enemies by yourself, and win
For all strategic purposes, you count as a small gang. You suffer no penalty from being flanked or outnumbered.

(2) Steel Demon
Replace part of your weak, trembling flesh, with cold reliable metal
You can never be killed by a single blow, it always takes at least an extra hit.

(3) The End
Unlock seven other Deltas. If you unlock seven more, you can take this Delta again
Choose one of the following. You can choose the same or differently each time:
  • Make an extra attack per round.
  • Gain a Bonus Life. If you would be killed in by mortal means and your body hasn't been completely destroyed, you instead get up again.

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