Occultum Alloys

Metal Name Properties Potential uses
Tin Springsteel, Tintanium Stores large amounts of mechanical energy in springs Mainsprings of golems and guns, clockwork grenades
Copper Spins and moves when exposed to magic, generates a small amount of magic when spun rapidly Slow production of magic from waterwheels
Silver Conducts magic along it's longest axis Transmit micro-spell instructions to magic items and golem limbs. Thicker wires can diffuse/reflect hostile magic spells
Gold Room temperature ultraconductor, turns magic, acid, or any energetic material into lightning Weaponry
Platinum Psiconium Moves when concentrated on, more with training and psychic abilities, purple Weaponry for psions, hands-free controls
Uranium Emits octarine radiation and random spells, high chance of inflicting sentience-mutations on critters Power supply, cursed weaponry, minion creation
Lead Absorbs and destroys magic and energy Waste energy disposal, anti-magic
Glass Greeble Precise manipulation of magic and signals via complex runes Altering spells, simple instinctive brains for golems
Zinc Turns chemical energy into magical Bio-magic generators
Nickel Turns magical energy into magnetic Knight traps, safe electric generators
Sulphur Turns magic into fire (dragonbone contains large amounts of occult-sulphur) Flamethrowers, walls of fire
Iron Everiron Incredibly strong, yet still flexible, rust-resistant Building, weaponry
Steel Neversteel, False Adamant Nigh indestructible, impossibly sharp, incredibly difficult to manufacture Weaponry, high-stress components, eons-long construction projects
Bronze Mixture of the effects of both tin and copper, absorbs and diffuses nearly all impacts into waste magic Armour, shields, containers for hostile immortal creatures
Aluminium Light as air Aircraft
Carbon Extremely light, forms different structures depending on forces applied against it. Can never be damaged the same way twice Environmental armour, tools
Mercury Fluid amalgam that moves in a semi-sentient manner Solving mazes, opening jars, picking locks
Silicon Lyrestone Matches objects it is placed next to, or fills gaps in structures Copying keys, repairing structures quickly

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