Missing Souls

The effects of losing your…
  1. Mineral Soul - "Like turning a firehouse on an overcooked porkchop". You start to dissolve. Lose 1 HP per round. On the plus-side, you no longer take physical damage, since it just doesn't matter to you any more. You are the spiritual equivalent of a pile of rocks that has forgotten what it is. This is a bad one to lose, that's for sure.
  2. Vegetable Soul - You gain no benefit from eating or drinking, and don't heal naturally. If propped up magically, you'll start to rot from the insides out as your gut bacteria celebrate their freedom by digesting you for a change.
  3. Animal Soul - You can only walk, breath and blink "manually". Elves lack this one, but Elves don't sleep. Neither will you. Gain 1 Stress per night. You won't have to worry about Charm spells or seduction attempts as you can simply... choose not to feel that way. Some physical abilities might be impacted from missing muscle memory.
  4. Purple Soul - Full retrograde and anterograde amnesia. You can only form new memories if something takes it's place. Lose all your skills and anything that requires training to master. Spells don't count, though you'll forget how to cast them. Cast them on purpose, that is.
  5. Red Soul - Your empathy collapses. People don't make sense to you. You can't see facial expressions. If you have to roll Charisma in order to persuade someone of something without any concrete evidence in your favour (just hoping for the best really), you fail except on a natural 20. Dwarves seem to lack parts or even their entire Red Soul, at least until you get them drunk.
  6. White Soul - If you die, you go straight to Hell, do not pass Go, do not collect two-hundred gold. You ripped the label off. Your karma is N/A. You take +4 to saves vs. death and level drain. If an action is completely detrimental to you, it's nearly impossible to do it. Nothing seems particularly wrong or right to you. This is the one devils want to buy off you.
  7. Blue Soul - You lose all spellcasting ability. You gain +4 to saves against spells that have some kind of projectile or physical element as part of their casting, and are immune to all others. Losing your Blue Soul has a 1-in-6 chance of dragging a different soul with it as it goes. It's the big heavy one that has it's roots all over the place.

If your souls begin to lose cohesion, your shadow seems to twist and shiver, fraying at the edges. It is the shadow of an old man, waiting to die. You may be wondering where your ideas and intellect come from, since it does not seem to be a part of the Seven Souls. The wizards say it's in the Blue Soul, conveniently ignoring all the counterexamples happily living non-magical lives. Priests will stare at you for a while, then charge you with heresy. My advice? KEEP. WONDERING.

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