Dungeon Level Zero

This partial system is aimed at completely new players. Additional rules should be added only as required.

How this works

  1. I describe the situation, and ask "what do you do?"
  2. You answer (after clarification you might need)
  3. I tell you what happens, and start again at 1

That's it. There might also be dice involved, or special abilities to use, weirder rules or strange sub-systems, but that is the game.

Tips for new players

  • It's possible to lose in this game, to die. Luckily, making new characters is easy, and we will get you back in as quick as possible.
  • It's good to be brave, and do things. It's good to run away, and try again later. It's good to stop and think, and to ask probing questions. Dithering is never the best plan.
  • This game can be Hard, but it should never be Confusing. If it's confusing, that's on me. If something doesn't make sense, stop and ask.

Making a character

  • Roll 3d20 for your three Special Abilities
  • Each Ability also gives you a related item of your choice
  • You can drop one Special Ability to increase another, or roll multiple times on the same list
  • Take three random items and three supplies
  • Play!

  1. Cleave - Make an extra attack when you kill an enemy
  2. Sentinel - If an enemy attacks someone other than you, make a free attack against them
  3. Riposte - Pick one enemy at the start of the round, if they miss you with an attack, make a free strike
  4. Cut Down - Before a weak enemy tries to attack you, make a free attack against them
  5. Slayer - You are thrice as good at exploiting known weak points of foes
  6. Sneak Attack - If you have a tactical advantage over an enemy, make an extra attack against them
  7. Chosen Quarry - Pick a particular type of enemy, make an extra attack against them each round
  8. Knightly - If you charge at an enemy, while on horseback and wielding a long weapon, you deal x3 damage
  9. Army of One - Spend some time preparing your stance, after that make one attack after anyone attacks you
  10. Absolute Diligence - You can perfectly hit three attacks. You can recharge one use of this power with a full day of rigorous training
  11. Malignant Sword Stance - Once you enter this stance, your hands are like swords, and can't be used for any tasks a sword couldn't achieve
  12. Heavily Armed - One of your arms is a (d4): 1. Blood-fuelled chainsaw, 2. Soul-powered flamethrower, 3. Cannon, 4. Razor grapple-hook launcher
  13. Parry - Pick one enemy at the start of the round, they can't hit you with melee attacks
  14. Dodge Roll - If you spend your whole turn dodging, you can't be hit by attacks
  15. Stalwart - Take minimum damage from frontal attacks
  16. Rip And Tear - You can fall into a frothing rage whenever you like. While in a rage, you are twice as hard to kill, but can't retreat from combat
  17. Jade Mountain Stance - Once you take a stance with both feet firmly planted and both hands free, you cannot be moved by force
  18. Bastion - In your hands, shields are three times as effective
  19. 'Tis Just A Scratch - If you lose a limb, it doesn't bleed much or send you into shock. In fact, the experience gives you a sudden invigorating surge of energy
  20. Second Chance - Once ever, cheat death

Tricks and Traits
  1. Strong as an Ox
  2. Tough as Nails
  3. Quick as a Whip
  4. Wise as an Owl
  5. Luck of the Devil
  6. Double Jump
  7. Trickster - Pick one: trip, disarm, grapple. Once per round, not on your turn, you can do that thing
  8. Scavenger - When you search through a pile of stuff, you always find extra equipment and loot
  9. Professional - You have the equipment and knowledge of a (1d6): 1. Locksmith, 2. Alchemist, 3. Chef, 4. Researcher, 5. Mason, 6. Engineer
  10. Second Story Work - You climb just as well without climbing gear as with it, and can attempt impossible climbs if you have equipment
  11. Perspective - You can make yourself the most or least noticeable member of any group
  12. Nose For Trouble - If you take a second to check, you can smell (d4): 1. Danger, 2. Fear and pain, 3. Gold, 4. Magic
  13. Three-Faced-Liar - Strangers will always believe the first three words you say
  14. Resonance - You can break glass by singing, and whistle so loud it is physically harmful
  15. Mimicry - After listening to someone for a few minutes, you can perfectly replicate their voice
  16. Dramatic Entrance - At any point you can move "off stage". At any point after that, when there is a large group of NPCs, reveal that you were disguised as one of them
  17. Seventh Sense - If an enemy has a secret power or deadly hidden attack, you'll know it exists, and maybe some details
  18. Watch the Hands - If you have something in one hand, you can "teleport" it to the other
  19. Eagle Eyed - The longer you spend aiming, the more accurate you get. You have a Lucky Arrow (or similar) that is even more accurate
  20. Doomed - You take double damage from (1d6): 1. Fire, 2. Falling, 3. Arrows, 4. Bites, 5. Magic, 6. Duels. Nothing else can (permanently) kill you, except for poison

  1. Speak with Fire
  2. Speak with Water
  3. Speak with Earth
  4. Speak with Air
  5. Speak with Dead
  6. Speak with (d4): 1. Plants, 2. Birds, 3. Beasts, 4. Fish
  7. Speak with (d6): 1. Stars & Light, 2. Dreams & Darkness, 3. Metal & Lightning, 4. Fungus & Insects, 5. Oddities (anything not on these lists), 6. The Player
  8. Telekinesis - You have an extra invisible "hand" floating around near you, you control it with your mind
  9. Mind Reader - When you have direct eye-contact with someone, you can read their surface thoughts. Beware, sometimes they can read you back
  10. Shapeshift - You can transform into an animal of your choice
  11. Enchant Object - You can make an inanimate crafted object come to life just by touching it and muttering. One object at a time, and it won't necessarily follow your orders
  12. Conjure Figment - You can make illusions from your mind, combining aspects of things you have seen in the past into a new image. One illusion at a time
  13. Shadow Step - While you are in a shadow, you can step to another shadow you can see. 1-in-20 chance of ending up somewhere weird and unexpected
  14. Bearer - You have a powerful magic item. If you lose it, it'll turn up somewhere unexpected nearby
  15. Chosen - You are accompanied by an (d4): 1. Invisible angel, 2. Shapeshifting demon, 3. Minor deity (you are its last priest), 4. Bizarre entity
  16. Voice of God - You can speak an inexorable one word COMMAND, everything listening must obey. You have to speak in a whisper for the rest of the day, if you use it a lot you'll lose your normal voice
  17. P E R I S H - Cause a mortal creature you can see and name to die horribly, or suffer a Fate Worse Than Death. You can only use this safely once, after that...
  18. Limited Wish - You can make one Wish, but it can only (d4): 1. Change things about you, 2. Give you stuff, 3. Harm something, 4. Go technically right but horribly wrong
  19. You're not a human, you are actually a (d4): 1. Really Good Dog, 2. Undead, 3. Automaton, 4. Half-Real Spirit
  20. Spell Crafter - You are trained in the art of (d4): 1. Henge-Shaping, 2. Poppetry, 3. Truenaming, 4. Ghost Bottling

Spell Crafting
  1. Henge-Shaping - Constructing a stone monument allows you to animate a golem 1/10th the size. Only one golem at a time
  2. Poppetry - If you possess a part of something, you can make a poppet. Anything that happens to the poppet also happens to the original (mostly)
  3. Truenaming - When you spend some time meditating on an object or concept you can see, add the first letter in it's name to your collection. Start with ten letters. Use up letters to spell words and create changes in the universe
  4. Ghost Bottling - Performing suitable rites for spectres of the departed allows you to put them in bottles. Each bottled ghost can be used for one favour or task per day, resetting at midnight

Adventuring Gear
  1. 100ft of rope
  2. Grapnel hook and rope
  3. Climbing harness and rope
  4. Alchemist's tape
  5. Extendable pole, attachment (d4): 1. Mirror, 2. Hook, 3. Extra long, 4. Claw
  6. Bullseye lantern and oil
  7. Lockpick set
  8. Pickaxe
  9. Axe
  10. Shovel
  11. Crowbar
  12. Hammer, chisel
  13. Saw, nails, three wooden planks
  14. Manual of (d10): 1. Blacksmithing, 2. Glassblowing, 3. Carpentry, 4. Masonry, 5. Herbology, 6. Alchemistry, 7. Demonology, 8. Exorcism, 9. Magic Identification, 10. Practical Diplomacy
  15. Bandoleer of knives
  16. Halberd
  17. Crossbow
  18. Rapier
  19. Mace-and-chain
  20. Matchlock pistol

  1. Block of iron rations, 30 days
  2. Sulphur torches, 3, ignite when scraped on stone
  3. Flask of liquor, 3
  4. Jar of oil, 3
  5. Pot of glue, 3
  6. Bag of ball-bearings, 3
  7. Bottle of holy water, 3
  8. Bottle of cursed blood, 3
  9. Vial of acid, 3
  10. Grenade, 3
  11. Bomb
  12. Energy crystal, 3
  13. Bandages, 3 rolls
  14. Herbs, 3 doses (d4): 1. Repel vermin, 2. Relaxing, 3. Energising, 4. Bewildering
  15. Lead pipes and connectors, 3 of each
  16. Chain, padlock, key
  17. Pouch of silver dust
  18. Spool of copper wire
  19. Long roll of paper
  20. Sack of coal

  1. Towel
  2. Frying pan
  3. Hourglass
  4. Weird key
  5. Stone idol
  6. Iron skull
  7. Ticking box
  8. Gleaming orb
  9. Fake gem
  10. Lodestone
  11. Spyglass
  12. Umbrella
  13. Mortar and pestle
  14. Abacus
  15. Brass bell
  16. Deck of cards
  17. Pouch of chalk
  18. Wind-up clockwork toy
  19. Fishing rod
  20. Mask (d4): 1. Demon, 2. Angel, 3. Dragon, 4. King

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