Yon Practical Magicks

There are Five Core Cantrips, governing the realms of Fire, Light, Motion, Change and Knowledge. Each cantrip is cast by combining two of the following:
  1. Focusing a Glyph, a magical pattern that is brought forth in the mind's eye
  2. Speaking aloud a Charm, a magical phrase or word
  3. Performing a particular Action

Conjure Flame

  • To create a small flame on the end of your thumb, focus on the Energy Glyph, and Click. The click must be precise, be sure to keep your pinky finger controlled. This spell always produces the exact same quantity of flame, the variable energy glyph being kept in check by the click. Excessive use of the energy glyph can drain the life-force of the magician, so the wise mage will be circumspect with how hard they focus it.
  • To bring forth a ball of flame, focus on the Ignition Glyph and speak a Charm of Oil. Speaking the charm faster or slower produces more or less flame. This version of Conjure Flame is more likely to fizzle or prematurely detonate if the charm of oil is spoken at an improper viscosity.
  • For those willing to risk spontaneous combustion, the third method to Conjure Flame is to focus the Energy Glyph and the Ignition Glyph at the same time.

Beam of Light

  • To create a Beam of Light between two fingers, Pinch Both Thumbs and Forefingers, then draw them apart. A safe and easy cantrip to teach young children.
  • To create a Beam of Light with one hand, Pinch a Thumb and Forefinger, and focus the Aiming Glyph. The beam will emanate from the hand. Slight adjustments to the aiming glyph will alter the distance and direction.
  • To create a Beam of Light from any location, focus two Aiming Glyphs, one for the start location, and one for the end. A challenging casting style, useful only for parlour tricks and other games.

Mage Hand

A dangerous and vital cantrip, the Mage Hand is normally cast with an unusual glyph. The Binding Glyph is a simple spell component with the most physicality of any glyph. As such, rather than focused in the mind's eye, it is usually created by contorting the hand of the caster into the correct shape. While it would be easier to focus it mentally, if a binding glyph fails, it will also break whatever was used to make it.

  • The standard Mage Hand is formed with a Binding Glyph in one hand, and the other hand used to Direct.
  • The alternative Mage Hand is cast with one hand, using it to both form the Binding Glyph as well as Direct. Doing so can strain the hand used. Excessive use can cause injury and palsy.
  • The Charm of Binding requires knowledge of the targets True Name, which is beyond the scope of this text.

The practice of tattooing the Binding Glyph into the eyeball of the caster is a technique the author will not discuss in detail, except to say that it is rather gauche.


The Alteration cantrip is different nearly every time it is cast, due to the nature of the intended result. Unless it is cast with the same target and the same intentions, the charm or charms used must be adjusted. Luckily, any mistakes in casting are most often temporary or not injurious.

  • Simply, focus an Aiming Glyph upon the target, and speak a Charm of Change
  • A sufficiently skilful wizard may attempt multiple or complex Alterations with a focused Aiming Glyph and aligning several Charms of Change.

Detect Magic

The first visions of a world through the eyes of Detect Magic can be startling. The author advises any new wizards to remain calm and remember that anything they can now see was always there previously, and they came to no harm before they knew what they were surrounded by.

  • To perform the cantrip, focus an Aiming Glyph towards the self and a Sight Glyph. Detect Magic is often used to practice focusing two glyphs simultaneously, as the penalty for failure is relatively minor.

Further Spellcasting

Basic Spells are cast by casting two Cantrips at the same time.
  • Conjure Flame + Mage Hand = Firebolt
  • Conjure Flame + Light Beam = Magic Missile
  • Conjure Flame + Alteration = Energy Flow (magnetism, electricity, other)
  • Conjure Flame + Detect Magic = Identify
  • Light Beam + Mage Hand = Light
  • Light Beam + Alteration = Illusion
  • Light Beam + Detect Magic = Scry
  • Mage Hand + Alteration = Conjure Object
  • Mage Hand + Detect Magic = Counterspell
  • Alteration + Detect Magic = Detect Other

Advanced Spells are cast by combining Basic Spells with Magical Languages.
  • Speak with Air + Firebolt = Fireball
  • Speak with Water + Energy Flow = Heal
  • Speak with Earth + Illusion = Summon
  • Speak with Air + Scry = Divination
  • Speak with Life + Identify = Suggestion
  • Speak with Dead + Conjure Object = Raise Undead
  • Speak with Dead + Light = Turn Undead

Advanced Spells can also be cast by Basic Spell with just a lot of Power. Power is something that must be gained, not learned. Handling glyphs in a powerful spell is much more challenging.
  • Firebolt + Power = Scorching Ray
  • Magic Missile + Power = Disintegrate
  • Energy Flow + Power = Lightning Bolt
  • Counterspell + Power = Remove Curse
  • Light + Power = Reveal Truths

Legendary Spells are cast from two Advanced Spells at the same time, or four Basic Spells, or some other combination. The necessary Sub-Spells for a Legendary Spell can cast by multiple cooperating wizards (if such a thing can be said to exist).
  • Fireball + Summon = Conjure Pyre Fiend
  • Heal + Divination = Invite Deity Into This Mortal Form
  • Counterspell + Illusion + Suggestion = "Wish" (?)

Weird Spells are cast by combining Cantrips and other spells in novel ways, often by intentionally miscasting some part of the process. Enjoy experimenting!

Learning Magical Languages takes a considerable amount of grammatical and linguistic study, throat contorting exercises, and then a Final Trial.
  • Speak with Earth: A journey to the Heart of the Mountain in the Underworld
  • Speak with Water: A rebirthing ceremony in the ocean and lots of drowning ("you didn't need to breath for nine months, a few hours should be fine!")
  • Speak with Air: The Final Trial cannot be reliably conjured, only searched for out in the world
  • Speak with Fire: The sacrifices are many, and the flame is hungry
  • Speak with Life: The Final Trial just seems to happen at some point when you Are Ready
  • Speak with Dead: Given a "mock" funeral and buried overnight. For the best effect, dig up a currently occupied coffin and get reburied with it for company

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