Friday, June 26, 2020

You Don't Make Friends With Magnets

Roll 1d6+stat when success isn't guaranteed, but still possible
1 or less: failure
2-5: partial success
6 or more: success

Rolling a 1 or a 6 on the die gets that result anyway
Depending on the situation, you might just succeed or fail
Go with whatever makes sense, rather than what the rules say

Roll +aim to try hit something far away, to hit an exact point, or when hitting a barn-sized kaiju is questionable
1- : Whiff
2-5: Close enough
6+ : Bullseye!

Roll +reliable when acting under non-optimal circumstances or repairing
1- : What's that burning smell?
2-5: Normal wear-and-tear
6+ : Smooth sailing

Roll +speed to act before something happens
1- : No chance
2-5: Almost too late
6+ : Just in time

Roll +ammo to see if you need to reload (might be bullets, missiles, fuel, recharging)
1- : *click-click-click*
2-5: One more shot
6+ : Plenty of juice

Roll +defence when you get hit somewhere. Take -1 to the roll per Category (see below)
1- : *crunch*
2-5: It can be fixed...
6+ : You're fine

Roll +cost when you repair or resupply (this stat is backwards)
1- : You're good for it
2-5: It's on your tab
6+ : Time to pay up

Deal 1d6+damage when you attack a kaiju's Weak Point
Otherwise, deal 1 damage
Using a weapon in an advantagous way deals 1+damage, or sometimes 1d6+damage
The Weak Point of a kaiju is usually exposed just after they use their Special Ability

Deal +[element] (fire, electric, acid, poison) instead of +damage when you attack a kaiju that is weak to that element.

Here are a few things to kill

Category sizes:
  1. Bus
  2. Building
  3. City Block
  4. Small City
  5. Cloud-scraping
Kaiju can take 6 damage per Category before being harmed by attacks. By default, they destroy pretty much whatever they attack, so it's on you to stay alive. Run away, find cover, sacrifice your weaponry, your mech, your friends. Bait it into using it's Special Move, then go for the throat. Good luck out there.



  1. If you get any seriously weird weapons, drop them here so we can scratch our heads over them together

  2. The mech generator is awesome! There are some really cool combinations in here, and I especially like the power supplies such as Maxwell's Demon (an idea I think I've played with before at some point but can't remember offhand anymore...).

    Also, I think the mechanics and stats you have here are simple and thematic (I like +reliable in particular).

    Am I missing something, or is there no button to display the tables for the generators? I'd like to be able to see it all laid out.

    Maybe my brain is broken but I'm actually not seeing the basic character rules laid out at all except what's implied by the generators and roll mechanics. How does one determine stats? What are the "Categories"? Is this tied into Batteries Not Included? It seems similar but just different enough that I can't tell if that's the implication...

    This seems really cool, but it would be helpful if you could clarify these things (unless my brain really is just broken right now 0.o...)

    1. Hey, thanks! I'm sure I could rustle up a show-tables button, this generator is *very* custom, I'd recommend going "View Page Source" and searching for "callsigns" in the meantime.

      And if it feels like there's parts missing, well, they're missing! You could definitely run this using BNI rules if you wanted, but I'm currently on a d6-only kick, there wasn't meant to be a crossover in particular. The stats for the weapons are all internally balanced (see: the generator) but that'll make more sense once I've got tables showing.

      On categories, that's my bad. Those are based on this here: , I was reading this while I wrote the post and there was a fair bit bleeding across.

      For the rest of it, it's completely up to interpretation. I could come up with *something* but it wouldn't be at all play-tested, so it would be no better than whatever someone came up with at the table! Once I get around to running this, I'll come back and add the rules that worked well.

      There currently aren't any stat generation rules for the mechs or their pilots, just the weapons. It's a Design Choice, A Metaphor For The Horrors Of War! Or just laziness.

    2. Weapon part-list added. In the process of making this, I accidentally generated a weapon with *every* part and projectile. I wonder what that would look like...

    3. Thanks for adding the tables. This all seems very interesting and I'll need to give it more thought as to how I might use it.