Travel Rules

Hex Gen
Each hex is one horizon wide (6-mile diameter). When you travel to a new hex, this one is:
  1. Flatter
  2. Drier
  3. Greener
  4. Steeper
  5. Wetter
  6. Weirder
Than the previous hex.
(Weird hexes might be dungeons or towns, but unlike Features, can be seen from outside the hex)

Daily Schedule
  1. Morning. Decide your Daily Action (default Foraging). Cross 1 hex, +1 if you are on a path going in the right direction
  2. Afternoon. Cross 1 hex, +1 if you are mounted. You can stop for Lunch to heal 1d6 HP
  3. Evening. Complete any Daily Actions actions. Eat and sleep in a comfortable place to heal 2d6 HP. If you don't eat, take 1 damage. If you don't have water, take 1d6 damage.
  4. Night. Encounter Check. If you force march, cross 1 hex and suffer the consequences.

Daily Actions
  • Foraging: Roll WIS. On a success, you found 1 ration and enough water for the whole party.
  • Scouting: If any encounters happen, roll DEX to surprise them.
  • Navigating: No encounter check at night or if you backtrack
  • ?

Hex Actions
Instead of travelling, you can
  • Hunt: Requires tools/bait, and a bountiful hex. Roll WIS and DEX, 1 success = 1 ration, 2 success = 1d6 rations. Rolling a 1 finds an unusually tasty specimen
  • Explore: Roll up to three Encounter Checks, potentially finding a Feature
  • Pathfind: Roll INT and WIS, routes found are safe, might only be temporary and change with the season

Encounter Check
Roll every time you enter a hex. Ignore 4+ if you have visited this hex before, or are currently stationary
  1. Encounter
  2. Traces
  3. Weather
  4. Hazard
  5. Nothing
  6. Feature

  1. Recurring Characters
  2. People
  3. Beast
  4. Wanderer
  5. Weird / Solo / Stationary / Harmless (?)
  6. Boss

Tracks, signs, remains, lairs, hints. If you keep moving in the same direction, you'll find the encounter (or the encounter will find you)

Roll 1d12 if currently Rainy, 1d20 if Sunny
  • 1 = Weird
  • 6 or less = Rainy
  • 7 or more = Sunny

If you pass through this hex, everyone must Save vs.
  1. Getting Lost
  2. Mud
  3. Mosquitoes
  4. Foul Odours
  5. Inclement Weather (Heat/Cold/Wind/Wet/Dry)
  6. Poison
  7. Disease
  8. Infestation
  9. Leg injury
  10. Item loss
  11. Curse
  12. Mutation

  1. Path (road, rail, river)
  2. Oddity (remains, vista)
  3. Interactable (shrine, altar, fountain, standing stones)
  4. Resource (oil, ore, plants, animals, location)
  5. Building (wizard tower, fortress, town)
  6. Dungeon

If you force-march through the night, sleep in the rough, eat terrible food, leave fallen allies to rot, bad things happen can happen.
  • Stress. Makes your character do strange things if it gets over 5.
  • Fatigue. Fills an inventory slot. Cleared by resting and relaxing, one removed per night of comfortable camping, all removed overnight in a proper settlement.
  • Mud. Inv slot. Cleared by bathing and washing/changing clothes and boots. Pack clean socks!
  • Hunger/Thirst. Inv slot. Cleared by eating and drinking.
  • Homesickness. Inv slot. Cleared by travelling back to town or a settlement, or enjoying companionship (and probably booze) out in the wild.
  • Disease
  • Injury
  • Ill Omen. Fail next save, or worse
  • Lose random items

If you make it back to a safe town by the end of the session, you can enjoy Downtime Activities before the next session.

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