Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Sun Pillar - Exellero

Things to Kill
  • It's In The Name: Slay a dragon
  • David: Kill a giant using a sling
  • Taste of your Own Medicine: Turn a basilisk, a cockatrice or a medusa into stone
  • Armaments 2:9-21: Kill a monster with a holy weapon
  • That Still Only Counts As One: Kill a large monster by yourself
  • Diplomancy: Turn an enemy over to your side and have them kill their former ally
  • Who You Gonna Call?: Kill a supernatural creature or spirit
  • Go For The Hat!: Kill a wizard
  • Vengeance!: Kill an enemy that has previously slain a character
  • Blitz: Kill a boss in a single round
  • If It Bleeds: Kill a bonafide god or major demon
  • If Only There Was Another Way!: Kill another character while mind-control is involved
  • Murderer: Kill another character

Things to Eat
  • The Other White Meat: Eat a sentient enemy
  • The Other Other White Meat: Eat a friend
  • Gormandiser: Cook a delightful meal out of a dead monster while in a dungeon
  • Not Very Efficient: Eat one of your own body parts
  • Priorities: Choose food over treasure
  • Tingling Sensation: Eat a magic item
  • Thirst Quencher: Drink three potions at the same time
  • A Bit Gritty: Consume an enemy made of bone, stone or glass

Things to Do
  • Also In The Name: Clear an entire dungeon
  • Yes Man: Ally with two opposing factions
  • False Dawn: Set off a colossal explosion
  • Knightly: Rescue royalty from certain death
  • Social Climber: Become a member of the nobility (Heavy Is The Head Bonus, reach royal status)
  • Sticky Fingers: Pull off any plan or scheme that involves glue
  • When All You Have is a Torch: Solve a problem using arson
  • "Are we the baddies?": Commit a war crime
  • We're on a Mission From God: Begin a divinely ordained quest
  • Objection!: Win a legal case
  • Never Leave Home Without It: Discover three uses for alcohol
  • Be The Change: Lead a revolution
  • Default, the Two Greatest Words: Play a human swordsman
  • Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valour: Run Away

Stuff to Acquire
  • Absolute Comfort: Wear custom-made armour
  • Fine Print: Make a deal with a devil
  • X Marks the Spot: Uncover treasure marked on a map
  • Trial and Error: Use an unidentified magic item
  • "Alas, Poor [name here]!": Carry the skull of an ally
  • Heisenberg: Mass-produce a potion
  • Landlord: Own a building
  • The 1%: Run a business
  • Family First: Start a cult
  • Same Hat!: The whole party are members of the same larger organisation
  • Chiselled Jawline: Have a statue raised in your image
  • Humming Along: Have a song dedicated to you
  • Unlimited POWER: Learn a legendary spell, and cast it immediately
  • The Friends We Made Along The Way: Create a horrible monstrous creature out of parts (Metaphorical Bonus, using parts of former allies)

Places to Go
  • Home Sweet Home: Return to the family home of a character
  • Broadening the Mind: Reach another continent
  • Beach Holiday!: Get shipwrecked
  • I Can See My House From Here: Be the first to reach the summit of the largest mountain
  • One Small Step: Go to space
  • Not in Kansas Anymore: Travel beyond this realm
  • Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey: Travel backwards or forwards in time
  • Hey There Hot Stuff: Jump into an active volcano or other location containing molten rock
  • Under The Sea: Reach the bottom of the middle of an ocean
  • The Pointy Bit: Travel to the North or South Pole
  • Can You Imagine If We Walked All This Way?: Use a fast-travel system
  • Drums in the Deep: Reach the lowest floor of a megadungeon
  • Can Anyone Smell Burning?: Travel to Hell

Things to Deal With
  • The Flesh: Gain five mutations, or break the party record for most mutations
  • Radioactive Soul: Gain five curses, or break the party record for most curses
  • Canary: Cause the death of three henchmen, or break the party record for dead henchmen
  • Whoops!: Destroy an item necessary for a quest
  • She Turned Me Into A Newt: Experience a polymorph
  • Naked and Alone: Find yourself in a situation without armour, weapons or allies
  • 'Tis But a Scratch: Suffer a major injury and survive
  • A Farewell To Arms: Willingly remove a limb
  • We Spared No Expense: Go broke
  • Born Under A Lucky Star: Survive the death of your whole party
  • That's Probably Fine: Release an ancient unspeakable evil
  • Not Today: Save the entire party from certain death by yourself
  • And Stay Out!: Defend a location against a marauding horde
  • "What seems to be the officer problem?": Get arrested
  • Well, It Could Be Worse: The entire party is permanently charmed or mind-controlled

Ways To Die
  • Ozymandias: Have a maximum level character die
  • Trapfinder General: Die to a trap
  • You Shall Not Pass: Sacrifice yourself, so that the rest of your party may escape
  • I Volunteer As Tribute: Instead of a random party member dying, offer yourself
  • Blue! No, Yello-AUUUUUUUUGH: Die from a puzzle
  • Gobbed On: Die from a standard enemy, typically a goblin
  • Ignominious: Die from rats, starvation, or disease
  • Vertigo: Die from falling from a great height
  • Glug Glug Glug: Die from drowning (Thallasophobia Bonus, while grappled or trapped)
  • That's Gotta Sting: Die from your own weapon
  • Anticlimax: Die during the final showdown with your nemesis
  • Don't Feed The Wildlife: Get eaten alive
  • For The Greater Good: Get sacrificed as part of a vile ritual
  • Speedrun: Die during character creation
  • JENKINS: Lead the charge directly into a TPK
  • Half-Open Casket?: Die in a way that completely destroys your body
  • Chip Off the Ol' Block: Suffer the same fate as another character earlier on
  • Third Time's The Charm: Have two characters die from the same thing
  • A Bit Of Class: Get assassinated
  • Depart This Vale Of Tears: Die of old age
  • The Black Wind Howls: Correctly predict an ally's death
  • Unfinished Business: Die, and come back as a ghost
  • Rude Awakening: Get resurrected
  • Either Die a Hero: Become an NPC villain
  • Watch And Learn, Kids: Have a character die after bringing them out of retirement
  • I Have No Mouth: Make your character completely unplayable, without dying
  • Friends In Low Places: Die, and then go to Hell
  • Can I Have a New Player?: Get caught cheating, and have your character die because of it
  • The Void: Don't just get killed, get obliterated, body and soul. (Method Actor Bonus, ceremonially destroy the character sheet)


  1. Most of these are original, but some I cribbed from... somewhere? Anyway, if you suggest more good 'chieves there's a +1 XP reward for you!

  2. Under "Things to Do"

    Participation Trophy: Fight in a war you have absolutely no stake in.

  3. This is one of those brilliant ideas, that's so simple and so obvious, yet so clever, that after you see it, you go, "how has nobody already thought of this?"

    1. Because, I'd imagine, if there are achievements, people will do things for achievement, even contrary to their characters. Achievements in videogames increasingly not to celebrate, well, an achievement, but to add another layer of skinnerboxing checklist to affect susceptible people. Sacrificing a character is a lot less impactful if DM then says "ok, you can mark an achievement". Was it genuine notion or just another carrot-and-stick to get a reward?

    2. Oh yeah, I forgot to add: never ever show the players this list until you get a feel for how they behave. And also, don't give any kind of in-game reward. Achievements are supposed to be a fun thing. One method of using it that worked really well was going through the list after a campaign has fully finished, and awarding them then. It means people start thinking back and reminiscing over the events of the campaign, and it makes for a nice end-point.

  4. I made a set of achievements for a game with a bunch of beginners a few years ago. I'll see if I still have the file on my computer!

  5. I've done achievements=XP at points. I like your list!