Weapon of Choice

Goal: Have your opponent run out of cards before you do. If either player ever has no cards remaining, they lose immediately.
To start, draw:
  • 10 Move Cards
  • Leg It, Try Again: If you want, discard and redraw any amount of your hand
  • 1 Weapon Card, displayed
  • Display one Signature move, it has x2 when you use it

Turn order:
  1. Player with fewest cards draws 1
  2. Both players can play Move cards that start with "Before That"
  3. Both play one Move card, revealing at the same time
  4. Both players can play "Actually" cards to modify their Move
  5. All cards resolve
  6. New turn, all cards played are discarded

  • Hit X: Your opponent must discard X cards that they control. If at any point you have nothing in your hand, you lose the round
  • Bonus: Any +X applies to any one numeral (123, but not one two or three)
  • Card Type: Each type beats the two following it. If the same Type is played, both cards take effect
  • Specific Beats General

Block: stops dead Strike and Trick
Strike: bashes through Trick and Riposte
Trick: outwits Riposte and Parry
Riposte: baits out Parry and Block
Parry: circumvents Block and Strike

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